If you aren't exactly sure what a cheese curd is, or you just think it is a mozzarella stick in ball form, the proper definition according to Doorbell is: "an orangish cheese byproduct that feels like Silly Putty but tastes a lot better. It was invented by UW cheese scientists attempting to create an object of pure cholesterol that would squeak."

Here in Madison, cheese curds are an obsession and a way of life. I have to admit, before coming to school here, I had no clue what a cheese curd was. But once I had the fried cheese curds at Graze during SOAR, my life was forever turned around. 

You can find cheese curds in Madison around practically every  corner. At the Dane County Farmers Market, at essentially every restaurant, and even at the grocery store. Did you know Tavernakya, an Asian spot on the Capitol even has tempura white cheddar curds? Unbelievable.  

Trust me, we've all been overwhelmed by the vast array of flavors at the farmer's market on the square and at local grocery stores. There are definitely flavors that fulfill certain kinds of people, so we decided to make a distinction for you.

1. Classic 

You like to keep it real and like to keep it simple. You know what you like and you're not about to steer away from what you know. The classic cheese curd is very similar to the "Mom" and "Dad" of your friend group: reasonable, stable, and classy

2. Jalapeno 

You have a fiery attitude and you're not afraid to show it. Jalapeno's are no joke and don't mess around either (aka you don't take any sh*t). The spice of the Jalapeno cheese curd leaves a lasting impression, just like you. 

3. Buffalo 

You're the loud one of the friend group. Talkative, friendly, and charismatic, wherever you are, your presence is known. You definitely stand out from the crowd similar to how the buffalo curd samples at the farmer's market stand out against the rest. 

4. Garlic 

Oh the wise soul. You are the advice-giver and the one with the biggest heart. People don't always want your honest advice, kind of like how people shy away from garlic since it is a strong taste, but your unique flavor should be cherished. 

5. Fried

The clown, the jokester, and the one that everyone laughs at. Everything you do, you do for the sake of making other people smile. Everyone adores you and it's a no brainer that if this is on a menu at a restaurant, you're getting it. 

6. Dill 

The quiet one. You don't like conflict, and you love to observe rather than participate. Many people forget that the dill flavored cheese curd exists, but for those who know it exists, knows just how epic the flavor profile is. 

Honestly, if you're eating a cheese curd, you clearly can't go wrong with any flavor. I mean come on, it's cheese - it'll taste delicious regardless. But, when you're at the farmers market or Fresh and having trouble deciding, you can consult this list to pick the best one for you.