Despite our parents' nagging to use our meal plans more often (or spend more of that precious flex that we're already blowing on Swemromas), sometimes we're just tired of Sadler's consistent, if not disappointing, selections. And Marketplace is more often than not closed. And the Caf? Simply too far away for anyone who doesn't live dangerously close to Frat Row. So what are we hangry TWAMPS to do? Order in, of course. Here are the 10 best delivery restaurants in Williamsburg.

Sal's by Victor

cheese, dairy product, seafood, parsley, vegetable, meat, fish
Becca Miller

A Williamsburg institution, Sal's by Victor is the unassuming Italian bistro tucked into the back corner of the Food Lion shopping center that you always go to when your grandmother is visiting and doesn't feel like watching you eat another mac 'n cheese at Blue Talon. With a resounding recommendation from Alessandro, the Italian House tutor, and very generous portions even when ordering from their lunch menu, you can't go wrong with Sal's. A tad more expensive than, say, a frozen Amy's pizza, but c'mon, lobster ravioli for $9.99? Yes, please. 

Dish Recommendation: Lobster ravioli (lunch portion is plenty) and manicotti


An unoriginal choice, I know, but you can never fail with the classics! Domino's hits all the points on your dorm delivery checklist: fast, reliable, yummy, cheesy, and they take Flex! Winner, winner, pizza-and-marbled-cookie-brownie dinner.

Dish Recommendation: Medium extra cheesy pizza with green peppers and onions, no garlic crust, with the marbled cookie brownie for dessert (extra cheesy bread optional)

Bangkok Garden

chili, chicken, pad thai, vegetable, sauce, rice
Elizabeth Snyder

You truly cannot go wrong with Thai food. With flavors for everyone, ranging from spicy to mild, peanut to pepper, curry to noodles, and everything in-between, Thai food is always the right answer to "what do you want to eat tonight?" Bangkok Garden delivers through UberEats and is a great way to treat your tastebuds while on a budget.

Dish Recommendation: Pad Thai Goong (that's pad Thai with shrimp) and the Tod Mon Pla (fried fish patties)

Panera Bread

Again, not a revolutionary addition to this list (I think Panera's delivery is pretty life changing, but that could just be me). Panera has great sandwiches, soups, mac 'n cheese, baked goods, and is perfect for your fam movie nights when you're tired of pizza but don't want to dish, or go, out.

Dish Recommendation: Mediterranean veggie sandwich and anything that comes in a bread bowl

China House

salad, corn, pasta, tomato, pepper, vegetable
Katherine Baker

Come with me on a journey back in time...all the way back to move in. It was hot enough to make your hair melt onto your pillow (believe me, as someone who had blue hair and formerly white pillowcases) and the package pick-up lines were out the door. Remember the first time you opened your mailbox and there was a white menu brochure inside? That was the China House menu. Maybe not the best Chinese food in the Williamsburg area, but hey, they deliver, they're fast, and they're cheap.

Dish Recommendation: Shrimp fried rice and spring rolls


ham, tomato, cheese, bread, bacon, lettuce, sandwich
Bonnie Blocker

Are you a Domino's hater? If so, you've probably ordered from Chanello's a few times. Personally, my heart soars every time the noble delivery person with the blue and red uniform approaches my door. As such, I've only ordered subs and salads from Chanello's but if you want a heartier sandwich than Panera can give you, try Chanello's. Also: wings, cheesecake, and, obviously, pizza.

Dish Recommendation: Grilled veggie sub (sans mushrooms) and the oven baked fries (only $1.99)

La Tolteca

lettuce, bread, cheese, salad, vegetable
Kathleen Lee

Alright, this one is a bit of a cheat. See....La Tolteca doesn't actually deliver. They do accept takeout orders though! Time to bribe your roommate's cousin's best-friend's hall mate who has a car to drive you down the road to La Tolteca to pick up your order. 

Dish Recommendation: Nachos with guacamole and the grilled tilapia street tacos

Pho 79

vegetable, soup, pho
Scott Harrington

If you need a nice calming meal that will warm your soul and your body from the inside out, try some Pho. Warm broth, meat or vegetable-based, will ease all of your troubles so sit back and relax with a big bowl of savory goodness. With a location in Norfolk in addition to their place here, you can't go wrong with Pho 79.

Dish Recommendation: Vegetarian pho and the Thai iced tea

Corey's Country Kitchen

maple syrup, caramel, syrup
Katie Elliott

Writer confession: I've never tried Corey's Country Kitchen. However, when doing my research, I couldn't ignore this consistently #1 rated delivery restaurant in the 'Burg. If you want some authentic southern soul food, look no further than Corey's.

Serving catfish, fried chicken, okra, collard greens, mac 'n cheese, and, in the words of Antwan the Yelp reviewer: "Sweet tea the way Momma makes it." Word of caution: Corey's is only open until 7 during the week and 8 on weekends, so make sure you order your dorm delivery early.

Dish Recommendation (based on reviews): Catfish with mac 'n cheese and the chicken and waffles with green beans

Culture Café

dough, pork, vegetable, parsley, ravioli, meat, dumpling
Maxwell Faucher

Another confession: Culture doesn't deliver. But the Café is the closest of all the restaurants on this list and the walk is definitely worth the experience! Right next to Brickhouse, behind the Delly, Culture is the master of tapas and small bites. The restaurant itself is adorable with towering shelves of books and whimsical drawings and decorations. Pop in for a chat with the lovely staff and a lounge on the upstairs couches while you stuff your face with perfectly seasoned bites.

Dish Recommendation: Fish tacos (you'll want a second order, trust me) and the Vietnamese steamed buns

Now this weekend when you and your hall mates have your classic "where should we order from" argument, only fueled by your roommates' 10-minute Sadler rant, you can shut them all down by presenting them with this definitive list of the 10 best delivery restaurants in Williamsburg. Happy ordering.