Being home for the summer in Los Angeles means three months of driving around and blasting music and exploring the city until the sun comes up. Because of this, it's almost implied that summer in LA requires a strong repertoire of late-night dining spots. However, because LA is such a huge city, it can be difficult to locate restaurants (and I mean LA-native locales, not just your standard Mickey D's) that are open at odd hours. There's nothing worse than pulling up to a diner with a raging case of late-night cravings only to realize that it's closed. Thankfully, I've compiled a list of the best 24-hour restaurants in Los Angeles so you'll never have to face your freezer past midnight again. 

1. LA Café 

Address: 639 S Spring St, Los Angeles, CA 90014

To begin this countdown of 24/7 LA restaurants, I present to you LA Café, a DTLA favorite for insomniacs, partygoers, and late-night snackers alike. LA Café is perfect if you're craving classic comfort foods like chili cheese fries and strawberry milkshakes or fancier fare like salmon tacos with mango salsa and falafel. An added bonus? They deliver. You don't even have to change out of your grease-stained pajamas for some greasy lobster grilled cheese (#score).  

2. Sun Nong Dan

Address: 3470 W. 6th St, Suite 7, Los Angeles, CA 90020

Los Angeles' Korean cuisine is indisputably some of the best in the nation: the Korean BBQ and unique dessert offerings in this town are truly unprecedented. But the shining star of LA's Korean scene is Sun Nong Dan (Sun Nah-ng Dah-n), famous for its freshly-brewed soups and broths. Order their signature galbi tang—braised beef short rib soup—to experience the best of LA's Koreatown.

3. Crave Café 

Address: 11992 Ventura Blvd, Studio City, CA 91604

Though I love pancakes with all my heart, they're definitely a heavier option right before bed. Crepes are the airier, handheld version of a stack of pancakes, and no restaurant does crepes quite like Crave Café. Regardless of the hour, you'll find a line for their famous, fluffy Nutella or creamy afogato crepes. Trust me, these decadent treats are well worth the wait.

4. The Original Pantry

Address: 877 S Figueroa St, Los Angeles, CA 90017

Hailed an all-night LA classic, The Original Pantry, affectionately nicknamed The Pantry by locals, is a simple, no-frills brunch joint serving up everything from ham steak and eggs to plate-sized pancakes from morning until night. Since opening in 1924, this LA staple has gained a dedicated following of early risers and night owls and shows no sign of closing its doors anytime soon. 

#SpoonTip: The Pantry is old school: cash-only! So make sure you have some on hand.

5. Du-par's

Address: 3 locations in SoCal (Pasadena, Studio City, and Farmers Market) and 1 in Las Vegas 

Another famous breakfast joint, Du-Par's, boasts the best pancakes in LA according to LA Weekly. I would highly recommend ordering a stack (or two...), but be sure to try other specialities like the country chicken or the sauteed veggie omelette to really get a taste for this 75 year-old tradition.

6. BCD Tofu House

Address: 3575 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90010

As you can probably tell by now, LA's got no shortage of love (and energy, it seems) for 24/7 breakfast and Korean food. Yet another famed Korean spot, BCD Tofu House, has become a late-night drunchie necessity for anyone that find themselves with an appetite past midnight in Koreatown. This spot is especially yummy for vegans, offering tons of tofu-based dishes that stand to rival even the best bulgogi

7. Viva Tacos La Estrella

Address: 2525 E FootHill Blvd, Pasadena, CA 91107 

If there's one thing that I missed about LA, it's the authentic Mexican food the city has to offer. Though many Mexican food trucks are open until 2 am, if you're looking for delectable al pastor tacos or carne asada fries without the hassle of tracking down a truck, look no further than Viva Tacos La Estrella. Nothing on this small storefront's menu exceeds $10, so feel free to dive deep into those cravings. I'm talking burrito bowl and a taco trio deep.

8. Kitchen 24

Address: 2 locations in Hollywood (1608 N Cahuenga Blvd) and West Hollywood (8575 Santa Monica Blvd)

An elevated diner founded by Shelly Manne, one of the fathers of West Coast jazzKitchen 24 is renowned for its upscale concoctions. Start off with customizable fries (you can load up with everything from chorizo to gravy), find your second course in a fried chicken salad, and top it all off with a chocolate chip skillet cookie. Paired with one of their many speciality cocktails, Kitchen 24 will be your go-to pre- and post-game spot.

9. California Donuts

Address: 3540 W 3rd St, Los Angeles, CA 90020

Home to one of the best desserts in LA, California Donuts is the trendiest, possibly most Instagram-able donut locale on the West Coast. From the photogenic Panda Oreo donut to zanier creations like Chocolate Bacon or Matcha Green Tea, this place has no shortage of creativity when it comes to filling in the canvas of a plain circle of dough. No matter the hour, California Donuts is guaranteed to break any healthy West Coast food stereotype you may hold.

10. Canter's Deli

Address: 419 N Fairfax Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90036

There's no way that I could have written an article about the best 24-hour restaurants in Los Angeles without including Canter's. This Jewish deli, one of the oldest in LA, has become a landmark for serving one hell of a pastrami sandwich. The restaurant was featured twice on Mad Men and even Barack Obama pays the joint a visit when he travels to the Golden State. Swing by for a bowl of Matzoh soup and feel free to stay late for the friendly ambiance.

Hungry yet? If not, you have all day and night to grab a bite at one of these LA staples. You'll thank me tomorrow (or tonight).