As the most romantic day of the year is quickly approaching, Valentine's Day, you may find yourself at a loss of where to take your special someone.  Boone is a city that could give you a romantic vibe in any setting because of the loving atmosphere we are continuously surrounded in.  I am here to help you find the prefect place to take that long term lover, first date or your gal pals.  Check it out:

1. Proper

When thinking about the type of food you are wanting to consume with your lover, Southern comfort food might come to mind. Proper in Boone is the perfect place to satisfy that craving and have a romantic ambiance. This is an extremely small restaurant that has dim lighting, mason jar glasses and some amazing food. This would be the perfect place to celebrate the day of love.

2. Casa Rustica 

This is the an amazing Italian restaurant that will be the perfect Tuscan get away for you and your Valentine.  With a menu that is completely mouthwatering, I would highly recommend this place for a relationship at any level.  

3. Red Onion

Why do we love the Red Onion? It captures all you could ever want in a date night.  The menu has an item for every set of taste buds as well and they are all equally as mouthwatering.  If your date tends to be a picky eater, make the executive decision to head to this place with an option for every type of person. 

4. Our Daily Bread

Find yourself thinking, "damn I'm broke but still want to treat my honey, where do I go?"  QUESTION ANSWERED, Our Daily Bread. This is a bomb AF sandwich place that has many decently priced sandwiches, salads and soups.  You can even create your own sandwich for those who are not happen with the choices given (which you won't be).  

5. The Local

The Local is a true gem to the Boone restaurant scene with their amazing bar options as well as their dank menu items.  It includes their typical bar food, but with vegan and gluten free options as well.  There isn't much more you could hope for from a bar, so grab your bae and celebrate your love with a casual night out on the down with a beer and good eats.

#SpoonTip: get the French Fries because they are so dang good.

6. Melanie's

This staple breakfast place recently added an awesome addition to their resume...DINNER.  Only offered Thursday, Friday and Saturday night's their delightful menu offers homemade selects just as good as their breakfast items.  This spot never disappoints so if you find yourself in a budding relationship, make sure you don't either but bringing them here. ;)

7. Joy Bistro

Joy Bistro is a very small restaurant that would blow the mind of your date.  The atmosphere takes you outside of Boone, it will make you feel like you out on a city get away.  The menu is incredible, brining you items that you couldn't dream of being able to find in Boone.  This place truly turns food into a piece of artwork and I would recommend this restaurant for anyone who wants to really impress their date.

8. Pepper's

Pepper's creates a casual vibe while providing amazing food that will no doubt please anyone on a date. One food item that I would recommend trying on the menu is the famous French Onion Soup. Everything on the menu is amazing but after taking a poll, this is something you can't pass up on.

9. Mint

Mint something unique to Boone, our only Indian restaurant it provides us with an amazing menu that captures anything you could want in an Indian restaurant.  This is for a date that wants a unique, culturally diverse meal and you know everyone could eat a couple of servings of Nan Bread

#SpoonTip: Check out their buffet, all you can eat for $13 bucks!!

10. Vidalia

A lovely addition to King Street, Vidalia the place to go if you are looking for an amazing wine list and some good food to pair with the glass.  Make sure you make a reservation to have  your name on the list to have a high class night with your valentine.

Now I have presented some very responsible options for your valentine activities this year. Valentine's Day only comes around one time a year so make sure you live it up to the fullest. My recommendations from here, would be to DTR (define the relationship) and then decide the right place from there.  Don't want to over estimate the commitment or underestimate the expectation! Let's all join together and celebrate a day dedicated to lovebirds!