Watch out Gannon’s, Syracuse has a new ice cream competitor. Humble Pie Co. has been on the scene for 6 months serving up scratch-made, locally sourced vegan & non-vegan ice creams.

The Story

Creative creamer of the Humble Pie Co. is Mara Mercado, a previously unemployed foodie with a few crazy ideas for flavors. After just moving from NYC to Syracuse, she was really motivated to start her own business and create something that she could be proud of and other people could enjoy. Along with a friend, they spent weeks creating bases, learning the science behind the process, and finding her own flavors.

The Humble Pie Way

The difference between Humble Pie Co. and other competitors are the flavors. Mara has flavors from Blueberry Lavender, Raspberry Cheesecake, and my personal favorite Cherry Dr. Pepper! She uses fresh, locally grown ingredients from farmer’s markets in the area.

What's Next?

When I asked her where she would like to be in five years she answered, “I would like to have a small shop where I can serve cones, cups, playful ice cream sandwiches like Churro or Macaroon Ice Cream Sandwiches, make ice cream cakes to order and host special events and catering with an Ice Cream Bar.” 

So stay on the look out, Syracuse! Mara and her creative flavors are coming to take over your tastebuds!