2nd and Second is a trendy new diner located in Downtown St. Pete. Did I mention it's open 24 hours? YAS! This addition to downtown St. Pete will be a game changer. Their menu will satisfy all locals and tourists who are looking for a classier diner in the area. Central Avenue, you know... MacDinton's, Five Bucks along with countless other bars and clubs is only two blocks away from 2nd and Second. To say the least, 2nd and Second is in a prime location for a late night or before work meal. Say goodbye to begging your Uber driver to take you through the  McDonald's drive-thru and hello to 2nd and Second's wide-ranging menu.

Haley Haman


I was staring at the menu for a good 15 minutes before making any decisions. The choices are endless! This is great encouragement to go back to try something completely different. 

The breakfast menu includes eggs in all sorts of shapes and sizes, pancakes, french toast and even a variety of hash browns (the cure to many hangovers). The hash browns aren't just average, they are seasoned and perfected to meet your needs with extra bacon or fresh jalapenos. Pretty much, any way you want your hash browns, 2nd and Second has a solution. 

I settled with the sausage scrambled egg skillet and highly recommend it. Served sizzling hot with melted cheddar cheese, home fries, bell peppers, onions and sausage, one can say my food coma happened just as quickly as I ate it.

Haley Haman

Lunch/ Dinner Options

No matter what you're in the mood for, something will catch your hangry eye. There are plenty of sandwiches, burgers and entrées to chose from. The good thing is you can decide if you want something fancy such as their sirloin caprese or something more chill like a country fried cheesesteak. A large portion of their menu is vegetarian friendly as well. Either way, you will not be disappointed! All sandwiches and burgers are blessed with chips and a pickle, amen. 


To all those true friends who can't brunch without alcohol, don't worry because the Morning Mixer menu is bomb. Especially the Bloody Mary flight or Schmimosas. Nearly all of their drinks are Insta-worthy, so now you know where to go for a rad insta pic. Not in the mood for a morning drink? Not to worry because they also serve local brews from around town such as 3 Daughters Brewing and St. Petersburg Brewing Company (yay for Keeping St. Pete Loca). And if you're feeling extra then their cocktail menu is also available, all day erryday. Again, there's something for everyone!

Sweet Tooth

It's so hard for me to leave a restaurant (or my apartment) without some sort of sweet treat. Luckily, their chocolate milkshake hit the spot on the way out! They also serve a variety of pies and cakes. 

There's really no excuse to pass up the opportunity to dine at 2nd and Second since it literally never closes! Check out their menu here!