Just like us, chickens have their own personalities. While their characteristics are typically seen at a farm, our traits are reflected into that ever-so-slightly heated pan or boiling water where our eggs lay. Have you ever stopped to realize that the way you order your eggs can translate into your personality? If not, here is what your order of eggs says about you.

1. Scrambled


Photo by Chelsea Barbee

You are a go-to candidate. Even though you may feel that you are always scrambling for perfection, there is no need to fear for you are perfect no matter which way life may take you (even in the form of scrambled egg pizza).

There is a small chance you are a little wishy-washy, but in the event that you are, you will always be forgiven.  You mix well with anyone, which will most likely land you a senior job as a CEO. Due to your old-fashion nature, you are known for your loyalty and ability to comfort the people closest to your heart.

2. Hard Boiled


Photo courtesy of @the_chopping_block on Instagram

You have the personality of a “go-getter.” You are an athlete who eats like an Olympian and has the mind set of a champion.  You don’t wait around for anyone to tell you what to do – if they try to, you’re most likely already out the door doin’ yo’ thang. However, even though you have a harder outer shell, you don’t like to let people down due to a soft (fluffy and yellow) spot you keep hidden deep inside you.

3. Omelette


Photo by Keren Straus

An omelette has a little bit of everything just like you. Your fun-loving personality bursts into color in reality and on your plate allowing you to deal with whatever comes at you any which way.  Being adventurous is one of your greatest qualities, which can get kinda crazy. However, you always manage to contain yourself when life gets messy. You most likely have a lot of friends in different friend groups, but always manage to commingle.

4. Over Easy


Photo by Julia Maguire

You are bubbly, outgoing, and have a high sex drive. You may spend your time roaming around campus distracted, as upbeat music streams through your headphones. You are a person with many friends and are constantly wishing to be in more than one place at once. Just like the yolk of an over-easy egg, you love to be everywhere and take the time to soak up everything around you.

5. Sunny Side Up


Photo by Caty Schnack

If you like your eggs sunny side up, you’re the type of person who likes a little surprise in your life with the desire for a burst of flavor every once and a while. Your old soul leads you into a life with a heart for adventure. Some of your greatest journeys have been found living vicariously through books, movies, or stories.

Normally you keep your thoughts to yourself and are soft-spoken, but on the occasion you do speak up, it is a well thought out statement with a great deal of validity.  Other than that, you are known to be easy going and like to add some texture to all the extra pieces on your plate (literally).

6. Poached


Photo by Paige Marie Rodgers

You live by the mantra, “I’ll take a whack at it.” Your outgoing nature leads you to try new things that are not usually up your alley. This makes you a hard worker – when you want something, you go for it and won’t stop until it’s yours. A time or two you have messed up, but that only gives you the incentive to work harder.

7. Eggs Benedict


Photo by Lucy Drinkwater

A night with a clear sky is your calling. You are a wisher and a hopeful thinker with just enough reality in your senses to keep you on top of your game. You love to dream, but put most of your energy into making other people’s dreams come true. A heart as pure as yours will take you far in life.