A few weeks ago, downtown State College welcomed a new spot for gourmet hot dogs and burgers: Sauly Boy's. While the burgers are great - don't even get me started with the loaded fries -  if you're an ice cream connoisseur like myself, what speaks to you is the unbelievable flavors and creaminess of their gelato.

beer, turkey, cheese
Maddie Ricci

The heavenly gelato is courtesy of Stella's Gelato. Using the finest ingredients, they create the most incredible gelato flavors State College has ever seen. Which honestly, is pretty much the biggest deal ever considering State College has a recognized creamery on campus and Cold Stone is just a few blocks away. 

Some of the everyday flavors you can find are Salted Caramel, Toasted Almond, Pistachio, Espresso and Oreo. Yes, those are supposed to be the more mainstream flavors, so brace yourself for the specialty chef selections.

Maddie Ricci

Among the more mind-blowing options that Stella's offers, there's Lemon Basil, Gingersnap, Chocolate Stout, Lemon Poppy, Bourbon Butter Pecan and more! In addition to gelato, Sauly's offers sorbet too. Sorbet flavors include: Sangria, Mango, and my personal favorite, Passion Fruit. 

Sauly's also lets you mix and match all the flavors you want as long as they fit in the cup. For us Penn Staters, this is a pretty cool perk considering the only person that has been allowed to combine flavors in all of Berkey Creamery history was Bill Clinton

cream, ice, ice cream
Oriana Abreu

As if the gelato by itself wasn't enough, Sauly Boy's serves their frozen dessert topped off with Stella's signature shortbread biscuits, which are insanely addictive.

I think I've given you more than enough reasons at this point to try Stella's. Multiple flavors, mixing of flavors and now a piece of shortbread? Yeah, plenty of reasons.

We are...Penn State (and hungry for ice cream). Can someone just make professional ice cream eating a major and an official career path in life already? Not gonna lie, State College gives Penn State all the credentials it needs to have the country's leading ice cream program.