I’m not sure where you’ll find more students, Berkey Creamery or 100 Thomas (btw, 100 Thomas is PSU’s largest lecture hall holding over 720 students). Berkey Creamery is arguably one of the best parts of being a Penn Stater. I mean what other college campus gets fresh milk from their cows and churns it into ice cream daily? Yeah, only Penn State.

berkey creamery

Photo by Jenna Rosen

The Creamery is famous for their fan-favorite flavors such as Death by Chocolate, Peachy Paterno and Bittersweet Mint, but how about the 100 other flavors Berkey offers? Next time you’re on the corner of Bigler and Curtin, make a pit-stop at the Creamery for one of these lesser known – but equally delicious – flavors.

1. Black Walnut Frozen Yogurt

The Creamery does in fact offer froyo, who knew?! With only 3g of total fat per 1/2 cup, this sweet treat can be enjoyed with a little less guilt. Plus, walnuts in vanilla frozen yogurt sounds pretty dang great to me.

2. Pralines N Cream

berkey creamery

Photo courtesy of melecotte.com

For those of you who don’t know what pralines are, don’t worry because Google has given me an answer. Pralines are essentially candied nuts. Pralines N Cream is a heavenly combination of candied praline pecans, caramel swirl and praline flavored ice cream. Why am I just now finding out about this flavor…

3. Crazy Charlie Sundae Swirl

Why not a regular sundae? Well, at the Creamery everything is done bigger and better. This Crazy Charlie Sundae Swirl is simple, but has everything you could want in a sundae: vanilla ice cream along with both chocolate and peanut butter swirls.

4. Palmer Mousseum with Almonds

berkey creamery

Photo courtesy of studentblog.worldcampus.psu.edu

In honor of Penn State’s own Palmer Museum of Art, we have this unique flavor. Palmer Mousseum is the Creamery’s chocolate ice cream matched with roasted almonds and chocolate swirl. Personally, I already like this flavor based on its play-on-words name. Mousse into mousseum, c’mon how clever is that?

5. Egg Nog

I think this one is pretty self-explanatory. This Egg Nog ice cream is egg nog flavor, shocking, I know. Order this Egg Nog flavor next time your craving some Christmas spice.

6. August Pie

You can’t go wrong with fruit mixed in vanilla ice cream and that’s exactly what August Pie is. Peaches, nectarines and fresh red raspberry sauce make for the most fruity and refreshing flavor.

7. Tin Roof Sundae

berkey creamery

Photo courtesy of texannewyorker.com

Again, the Creamery is giving a creative twist on the classic sundae. Vanilla ice cream with brownie bites, chocolate-covered peanuts and chocolate swirl? Count me in! I don’t know about you but just reading the ingredients of this sundae makes my stomach growl.

8. LionS’more

Just like a regular s’more but with blue tint, LionS’more gives you that gather around the campfire feeling. With vanilla ice cream, graham crackers, pieces of chocolate and blue marshmallow swirl, you’ve got the perfect summer flavor. When spring finals have you in the dumps, take a taste of LionS’more to give you that extra push to fight on until summer.

9. Pecan Apple Danish

berkey creamery

Photo courtesy of recipeshubs.com

Feelin’ fancy? When I think of a danish I think of afternoon tea and pastries with the Queen. Vanilla ice cream, pralines, apple variegate and caramel swirl mix together to create a flavor tasty enough for the Queen.

10. Horchata

The Creamery describes this flavor as “dessert with a bite”. Horchata is a rum flavored ice cream modeled off of the authentic Latin American drink that usually consists of ground almonds, tiger nuts or rice.

11. Berkey Brickle

berkey creamery

Photo courtesy of news.psu.edu

Berkey Creamery should have a flavor named after themselves and don’t ya know it, they do. Berkey Brickle is a nutty mixture of peanut brickle and caramel swirl in vanilla ice cream. So if this is Berkey’s own flavor, maybe that means it’s the Nittany Lion’s favorite…hmm, just some ice cream for thought there.

12. Santa Fe Banana

As the Creamery states, this ice cream is second best to mom’s banana pudding. You’ll be feeling nostalgic with this banana flavored ice cream dressed with caramel ribbon and chunks of sugar cookie. Santa Fe Banana, where have you been all my life?

13. Coffee Mocha Fudge

berkey creamery

Photo courtesy of recipeshubs.com

With all the craze over WPSU Coffee Break, it’s easy to overlook the just as worthy (and caffeinated) Coffee Mocha Fudge flavor. Instead of chocolate chips like WPSU, Coffee Mocha Fudge offers a chocolate swirl in the Creamery’s coffee ice cream. Give this flavor a whirl next time you need a little pep in your step.