Tired of the same old dining hall food? Or even just the same three restaurants on State Street? Well, your zodiac sign can tell you exactly where you should be eating in Madison. Your new favorite place awaits!

Aries: Library Mall Food Truck Spring Rolls

Aries should try the spicy spring rolls from the food trucks on Library Mall. This is a unique and healthy option with an irresistible taste. It's also super cheap - only $5 for one massive spring roll. They have multiple options of proteins to add, including tofu, chicken or shrimp, and various levels of spice. Since Aries' sign is fire, these people would love a spicy, hot and energizing spring roll.

Taurus: Ian's Pizza By the Slice

Taurus must check out Ian's Pizzaif they haven't already. It's a tasty pizzeria that offers a plethora of crazy toppings, such as Mac n Cheese, ravioli and barbecue chicken. They also have a salad bar, where you can build your own chopped salad. The Taurus symbol is a bull. They know exactly what their favorite foods are and tend to stick with the same types of meals. Ian's is a way to switch up your usual order!

Gemini: Forage

Geminis must try this salad place on State. They have a variety of lettuce or grain bases and countless vegetable or protein toppings. Gemini's symbol is known for having two different sides. They're used to switching things up a bit. Forage is a great way to try new, tasty ingredients.

Cancer: Tutto Pasta

Cancers would love this cute, little Italian restaurant on State Street. It has diverse pasta and pizza dishes - different options for various preferences. The homemade pasta dishes have a rich taste and a beautiful presentation. Cancers water sign is represented by a crab. Tutto Pasta offers seafood options, such as calamari, on their delicious menu.

Leo: Frutta Bowls

Leos must check out the Açai bowls and avocado toast dishes at Frutta Bowls. They offer a two for $11 deal where customers can get a combination of avocado toast and one Açai bowl of their choice. They offer pre-made bowls on their menu, but you can also make your own mixture by combining various ingredients and toppings to suit your preferences. Leos are considered "kings of the jungle" so these fruity flavors match perfectly. 

Virgo: Mooyah

Mooyah is a delicious burger place on State with tasty meat options (my favorite is the cheeseburger!), as well as healthy, vegetarian options. They make yummy lettuce wraps if you're looking to cut down on carbs. Virgo is an Earth sign, so people with this horoscope tend to seek out healthy food options. Despite what people think, Mooyah can certainly offer these healthier alternatives.

Libra: Koi Sushi

Koi sushi is a delicious option for Libras. They have a wide variety of sushi options, as well as other dishes such as fried rice and noodles. They have unique dishes that are super tasty for all. Libras love a good dinner, but also dessert. Koi has a great dessert menu to follow a delicious meal.

Scorpio: Colectivo Coffee

One of State Street's most popular coffee shops is Colectivo. Their menu is filled with various breakfast and lunch options, as well as delicious pastries. They also have a wide variety of coffee and tea options. Scorpios tend to be passionate people with big appetites. This cute cafe has hearty meal options and great coffee.

Sagittarius: Sunroom Cafe

A Sagittarius would love Sunroom Cafe. It has a range of breakfast, lunch and dinner dishes. From pancakes to pesto pasta, Sunroom has it all. A Sagittarius is known for branching out and trying new things. They would love a new dish with bold flavors, especially at Sunroom.

Capricorn: Potbelly Sandwich Shop

Potbelly is right up Capricorn's alley. It has a selection of soups and sandwiches with fresh tasting ingredients. The delicious options are also pretty affordable. Capricorns love homemade, hearty meals, and Potbelly is the perfect place.

Aquarius: Grace Coffee Company

Grace Coffee is a trendy and delicious option on State. They have large Açai bowls, crepes and avocado toast. People with an Aquarius horoscope tend to go with the flow, and love eating healthily. Grace Coffee is the perfect place for healthier options that fill you up.

Pisces: Noodles and Company

A passionate Pisces would love the various noodle options from Noodles and Co. It's a convenient location on State and the infamous noodles keep bringing customers back for more. It has different options for all types of tastes. Pisces' love good food and good company, so Noodles and Company is definitely for them! 

If you can't decide what to eat, try these options based on the characteristics of your zodiac sign - it'll make the decision process much easier and way more fun.