Brimming with diverse food during the day, Madison after midnight is no different, boasting many restaurants and food carts that are open past midnight to cater to the city's nightlife crowd.  Whether you're coming home from a party or your favorite bar, late night Madison always has something delicious to eat, no matter what you're craving.  

Ian's Pizza

Ian's Pizza is a Madison classic, and student favorite.  With locations on State Street and North Frances Street, you'll always be within a close walking distance to Ian's.  Their most famous slice is Mac n' Cheese, yet the restaurant also offers unique slices such as Smoky The Bandit and Penne Alfredo. Try a special flavor on your next visit, such as Drunken Ravioli!  

Pizza Di Roma

Ian's rival in Madison is Pizza Di Roma, known to anyone who has visited as "PDR."  PDR makes many similar pizza options to Ian's, and some even say that their Mac n' Cheese slice is better.  One of the most popular slices at PDR is Spinach and Feta, which is always amazing, hot and melty out of the oven.  PDR also offers many pasta options, sandwiches, and even calzones. 

Insomnia Cookies

Popular on many college campuses, Insomnia is newer to Late Night Madison, but should not be missed.  With many different flavors ranging from the traditional Chocolate Chunk to flavors like Snickerdoodle and Double Chocolate Chunk, Insomnia has something to satisfy everyone's sweet tooth.  With every cookie hot out of the oven, it's like your mother baked them for you.  

Leia's Lunchbox (AKA Fried and Fabulous)

If you're in the mood for anything fried, you should stop at Leia's Lunchbox, otherwise known as "Fried and Fabulous."  This food cart, sitting outside Potbelly late at night, has anything from chicken tenders to cheese fries, as well as the Wisconsin favorite, cheese curds.  They even offer fried cookie dough, which melts in your mouth and is absolutely amazing!

Short Stack Eatery

Short Stack Eatery is the place to go if you're looking to grab some breakfast in the middle of the night.  Open 24 hours Thursday through Sunday, you can get fresh pancakes whenever your heart desires, whatever the time.  Short Stacks offer anything from pancakes to eggs.  

There is even a "blind" special every day, where you're only told whether it's savory or sweet, and if you order this meal you get a discount for your bravery.  The most popular item ordered is Sweet Potato Oatmeal Pancakes, which are topped with strawberries and maple bourbon mascarpone.  These taste like carrot cake, and are the ultimate treat after a night out. 

Disco Fries

Disco Fries are a new spot on State Street, located conveniently next to State Street Brats.  There's a ton of flavor options, and if you're in the mood to follow the Canadian culture you can even get Poutine!  You could also go simple with cheese fries, because the classics never go out of style.  Definitely try out the new late night spot, it will not disappoint!  

You cannot go wrong when choosing your late night snack spot in Madison.  There's so many options, and you can practically find any option that the heart desires for all relatively low prices.  Although not entirely nutritious, these spots truly hit the spot after a night out with friends!  Madison after midnight is truly a diverse food scene worth experiencing.