South Norwalk, Connecticut - commonly known as “Sono”- is a vibrant area in Norwalk located by the water. Sono is known for its trendy restaurants, dockside eats, and bright atmosphere. Despite being filled with a variety of dining options, Sono recently welcomed El Segundo, a super hip restaurant unlike any other. Although you probably won’t have a negative dining experience anywhere in South Norwalk, El Segundo will guarantee that you have a remarkable time.

coffee, beer
Antonia Sousa

The Place

El Segundo is more than just an average sit-down restaurant. It offers both indoor and outdoor dining, making it a more unique dining experience. Whether you’re sitting at a table, chatting in the trendy outdoor bar-shack, or playing a game of corn-hole on the patio, you’re sure to have a good night. The venue is brightly-colored and appealing to foodies of all age groups. They offer various games kids can play while parents enjoy a drink at either bar El Segundo has to offer. Colorful graffiti and furniture lights up the place, allowing it to stand out.

Antonia Sousa

The Menu

If you’re craving some incredible street food, El Segundo is the place for you. They serve trendy street food from all over the world, and they do a great job. Whether it’s Canadian poutine, Greek souvlaki, Argentinian churrasco (pictured below), Japanese scallion pancakes, Australian lamb chops, or some Italian arancini, the food will not disappoint. They also offer drinks from all over the world - both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. Crack open a Peruvian Cristal beer with the boys, or just sip on some Mexican Coke. Next time, you and your buddies won’t have to argue about whether you should eat Chinese or Italian - you can visit El Segundo and do both.

pork, lamb, sauce
Antonia Sousa

The Experience

After visiting El Segundo myself, I can safely say you can’t go wrong with anything on the menu. I suggest ordering a few different dishes to share with friends… or simply for yourself- believe me, you’ll want to finish everything you order. To make sure you get the whole dining experience, try dishes from different sections. That way, you can get a taste of all the amazing options they have to offer. But please, don’t leave without trying their puerto rican Mofongo con Chicharron (pictured below). It’s a delicious pork dish that may not stand out on paper, but will leave you asking the waiter for seconds.

pepper, parsley, chicken, vegetable, rice, tomato
Antonia Sousa

So, if you find yourself wandering the streets of Sono wanting to grab a quick bite, or if you live in the area, make sure you check out El Segundo. Its mouthwatering menu, trendy atmosphere and attentive service will not fail to impress.