Sit back, relax and turn off your watch. You’re in Puerto Rico and the adventure has just begun. Whether you want a casual meal, a fancy meal, or a lazy drink fit for laying on the beach, this list will help guide you through a vacation that you’ll never forget.

1. Açaí Express

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Photo courtesy of @vangeldanielcruz777 on Instagram

When looking for a refreshing burst of flavors, the first place to hit up is this food truck. Customization features an endless list of products: freshly cut strawberries, pineapple, banana, peanut butter or coconut flakes – you name it. Pick your poison and you will have a flavorful bowl in just minutes.

2. Pinky’s

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Photo courtesy of @blondes_have_more_food on Instagram

If you ever thought there was nothing special about a cheese and turkey sandwich, you’ve never met the Surfer Sandwich. With bread that is somehow simultaneously fluffy and crispy, and cheese that melts onto your plate, you’ll never look at a deli the same way. Don’t forget to ask for their traditional sauces, too.

3. Kasalta

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Photo courtesy of @celiac.dreams on Instagram

With a mix of Spanish, Cuban and Puerto Rican food, this local bakery is a must try for breakfast. Whether you just want a simple café con leche (Cuban-style coffee and milk) or their famous egg or meat sandwiches, I can guarantee your taste buds will be happy afterward.

4. Bottles

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Photo courtesy of Yelp

Known for its infinite supply of different wines and delicious food, Bottles features a range of dishes from tuna tartar to savory churrasco meat and, of course, a side of perfectly crunchy tostones, the famous Puerto Rican plantains. Before you dig in, don’t forget to select a bottle of wine straight from the racks on the wall.

5. Vittorino Trattoria

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Photo courtesy of @vittorinotrattoria on Instagram

A small Italian restaurant with an open kitchen and short menu, Vittorino features the freshest pastas and sauces available. Don’t miss out on the baked eggplant involtino appetizer. For entrees, their popular mushroom risotto will make mushroom lovers lick their plates clean.

6. Ali Baba

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Photo courtesy of @aregcoral on Instagram

Wait, are we in Puerto Rico, or Turkey? With the warm, fresh out of the oven lavash bread, you might be unsure. A family style restaurant, Ali Baba has signature sizzling dishes that should be shared with everyone. But before you walk out the door and return to Puerto Rico, enjoy the homemade baklava with freshly brewed Turkish coffee.

7. Dragonfly

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Photo courtesy of @hashtagtamajam on Instagram

An Asian fusion restaurant located in the old city of Puerto Rico, Dragonfly is a lively spot. Try the pekin duck nachos or the ceviche with a side of popcorn, and you may never return to lo mein or fried rice again.

8. La Taberna Lúpulo

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Photo courtesy of @alvaro_tello on Instagram

If you’re looking for a place to go out and share a drink with friends, head down the brick road of Old San Juan until you reach this craft beer bar. With 150 varieties of beers on the menu, you’re sure to find exactly the hops you need.

9. La Placita Santurce

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Photo courtesy of @francheskanat on Instagram

Ready to branch out and meet more locals? This small, vibrant area is constantly filled with loud music and dancing on the streets. Whether you’re in the mood to go bar hopping or a sit-down meal, you can find it in La Placita. The above picture is from La Mala Vida, an idyllic brunch spot lining the plaza.

10. Alive

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Photo courtesy of @rpascual on Instagram

Located right above the track and soccer field, you’ll be running towards a healthy lunch. All of their dishes have some unique twist, but you can’t go wrong with the Alive burger and a side of their crispy french fries, which are both freshly cut and cholesterol-free. Cue applause.