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Micah Plender

Snooze: an A.M. Eatery is the breakfast spot to let your creative flag fly.

Snooze is a unique and popular Colorado-based breakfast restaurant located in Colorado, California, Arizona and Texas. The eatery opened its doors in April of 2006 in Denver and was founded by two brothers, Jon and Adam Schlegal. Four years later, in April of 2010, Snooze was born in Fort Collins. 

Open from 6:30 am to 2:30 pm, Snooze is known for its extraordinary and creative pancakes, as well as how long its waits are — but Snooze is worth the wait. Have a cup of complimentary coffee provided by Snooze and enjoy the company you have while you wait for the breakfast journey you are about to embark on.


If you get there at the right time, there may actually not be a long wait at all. I arrived on a Friday morning around 9:30 a.m. with my cousin. When I put my name on the list, the hostess told me it would be a five to 10-minute wait. That was the shortest wait I’ve ever experienced at Snooze. If you have a longer wait, which you probably might experience, enjoy a complimentary cup of coffee to wake you up a little bit.

When I walk into Snooze, I get a feel for its creativity. The restaurant is filled with different colors, specifically green, blue, yellow and orange. There are what look like jacks (from the game) all over as the Snooze symbol. While it is a breakfast place, it gives off a vibrant feel as if it’s trying to make you excited for the most important meal of the day in a way that’s not annoyingly over the edge. While it is a very hectic place considering how many people enjoy Snooze’s food, the restaurant almost feels calm, just like a near-empty, old school diner would make you feel. But this place is anything but old school.

The Snooze Menu

Taking a look over the menu, it’s hard not to find something you enjoy. Options range from classic breakfasts such as “3 Eggs Any Style,” which comes with the eggs, hash browns and toast, to “OMG! French Toast,” which is French toast stuffed with mascarpone and topped with vanilla crème, salted caramel, fresh strawberries and toasted coconut. Sandwiches, pancakes and benedicts are all on the menu with Snooze’s own little creative twist on each recipe.

If you’re 21 and over, Snooze has alcoholic beverages that you can drink to start your day off right. Choose between a variety of different Bloody Marys, bubbly cocktails or anything else you may desire to get you going in the morning. Who doesn’t like a breakfast cocktail?

My Favorites

On this specific Friday morning, I started my meal off with a cinnamon roll pancake to share with my cousin. This pancake isn’t seen on the menu, but Snooze is really able to make any pancake you’d like if you just ask your server. Like I said, you can really let your creative flag fly at Snooze. The chefs can make your pancake dreams come true if you simply ask.

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I ordered “Sandwich I Am” for my main dish. This sandwich is a pretzel roll that has scrambled eggs, cheddar cheese and a sausage patty inside. Smother it with the smoked cheddar hollandaise sauce and it is a sandwich for the books. It also comes with Snooze’s special hash browns, which have a hint of garlic to them. I won’t ever be able to get a meal at Snooze without its hash browns ever again.

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The environment is just as great as the food. Everyone seems happy to be there, whether it is the patrons, the servers or the hostesses. I’ve been going to Snooze for almost six years and it is still the same upbeat creative place it was the first time I went. The food is always consistent and I’ve never had a bad experience or a bad word to say.

I've been going to Snooze for quite a few years and I've never been disappointed. I've changed up my order a few times, but I always have my favorites. I always have a great time when I go there, whether it's with family or friends. They stay consistent with their food and rarely change things up, unless it's to introduce a new, creative item. It's the friendly staff and the amazing food that keeps me coming back and getting excited whenever I go.

Snooze is always looking for different and creative ways to make breakfast a new and fun experience for every one of all ages. It is definitely worth the wait and if waiting is the only thing deterring you from enjoying its breakfasts, you’re missing out.