While there have been a few new restaurants to recently open just north of Sixth Street and Green Street, one of them especially stands out. Salad Meister, located at 601 Sixth Street, serves a variety of salads and wraps made with high-quality ingredients.

According to the owner of Salad Meister, after years of having a hard time finding a healthy and fast meal, he decided to open a restaurant that would allow customers just that. The restaurant puts an emphasis on the fact that they serve "guilt-free food." Salad Meister only uses ingredients that are fresh, organic, environmentally friendly and locally grown. 

Not only is Salad Meister environmentally friendly when it comes to their choice of ingredients, they also only serve their food in recycled and biodegradable containers. Additionally, a portion of the energy used by the restaurant is provided by renewable energy.

salad, pasta, vegetable
William OuYang

Although you might think that there is a lack of options because this restaurant mainly serves salads, this is not the case. Customers have the option to order a signature salad or wrap, or a customized salad or wrap, which you can add up to eight toppings.

The build your own meals are great for someone who wants to be creative with their meal. However, be aware that some ingredients cost extra. The starting price for a build your own salads and wraps starts at $8.19 with certain ingredients ranging from $0.29 to $1.99.

pepper, rice, vegetable
William OuYang

While the build your own meals might be more appealing by giving customers the option to chose specific ingredients, the signature salads and wraps should not be overlooked. These salads range in prices from $8.39 to $9.29. 

cheese, salad
William OuYang

Each signature salad and wrap is aimed to have the recommended portions approved by the FDA. In fact, the Market Fresh salad has the correct amount of portions of fruit, vegetables, protein, grains and dairy. This makes the salads filling and you won't need a second meal to satisfy your hunger. 

With the school year coming to an end, there's little time to worry about making a healthy meal when studying for finals is everyone's biggest concern. Stop by Salad Meister during your next study break to eat a healthy and filling meal that will give you the brain power you need.