As a college student, you are probably trying to save money wherever you can while exploring all different types of foods in your new city. Uber and Lyft, although convenient, make meals more expensive. Luckily, Tulane's location puts you at a short walk away from many amazing meals! It's time to figure out what restaurant you should walk to based on your Tulane freshman dorm.

1. Sharp/ Monroe 

Living in these dorms puts you only 15 minutes away from some student favorites on Freret Street! MINT is a delicious, fast, and inexpensive option for Vietnamese food. They are known for their huge and delicious pho bowls. If you are looking for something that's more fun, try going next door to Dat Dog. It has a vibrant, photogenic atmosphere with string lights and casual seating. They have tons of options for hot dog toppings. In fact, they have so many they give you the choice of having the chef choose for you! 

Alexa Redlich
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Alex Weiner

2. Paterson/ Wall

Starbucks is calling your name if you live in one of these dorms. While there is a Starbucks on Loyola's campus, if you want a bigger one with more options and a less collegiate atmosphere, it's only about 15 minutes away by foot. It is a great place to study or people watch. Don't forget to check out their delicious seasonal drinks! If Starbucks isn't the place for you try one of these coffee shops in New Orleans! 

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Sarah Yanofsky

3. Josephine Louise Hall (a.k.a JL)

JL is across campus from many of the other freshman dorms, so the close food options are pretty different. While you might want to Uber to Satsuma from anywhere else on campus, it is only a 10/12 minute walk from JL. The bagel plate is a must. JL is also a block away from, you guessed it, The Boot. A one minute walk from cold cheese slices, waffle cheese fries, and caesar salad wraps makes JL's farther location from the other dorms necessary to work off the food. 

Chelsea Buda
Sophie Harris

4. Butler 

Butler is the closest dorm to Felipe's Mexican Taqueria. It's a 15 minute walk that is mostly on campus! You pass all the stadiums and sports facilities on the way. I recommend going during a game for increased excitement, such as hearing the marching band play! Felipe's has a make your own nacho option, and wraps their quesadilla's like burrito's. They also have a bar that is filled with locals at anytime of the day. It is super casual so feel free to go in your sweats!  

5. Warren

Warren's central location on campus adds a few minutes to the traveling time it takes to get off campus to restaurants. However, a few more minutes of walking never killed anyone! A great lunch option for anyone in this area is walking to Mellow Mushroom. It's about 20 minutes away and has a huge menu filled with unique salads, pizzas, and hoagies! Make sure to try the cheesy garlic bread as an appetizer. 

Kendall Gaynes

Now you know which restaurant you should walk to based on your Tulane freshman dorm location! No need to Google "food near me" while your stomach rumbles in bed anymore.