Montreal has so many amazing restaurants that it can be overwhelming finding a place to go. Whether it's breakfast, lunch, dinner, or dessert I have a fantastic restaurant calling your name. Planning a trip to Montreal? Now you can bypass scouring the web for a delicious meal. Here is a restaurant for each meal of the day in Montreal to satisfy your vacationing appetite. 


cream, carrot cake, carrot, cake
Emily Lyons

L'Avenue is a super popular breakfast/brunch location in Montreal. With an extensive menu and huge portions, you really can't go wrong here. Pictured above are the carrot cake pancakes- whole wheat carrot cake pancakes with a maple syrup and cream cheese sauce, topped with walnuts. The whole wheat batter combined with the carrots scattered throughout give the pancakes a nice texture. And I could not get enough of the maple syrup/cream cheese sauce, which added an amazing layer of sweetness. Although I barely put a dent into these, the leftovers proved to be just as good later on.

pork, pork chop, mushroom, mashed potatoes, garlic
Emily Lyons

And if you happen to prefer a savory breakfast, L'Avenue's 'Beautiful Truffle' will do the job. This dish consists of three eggs with truffle oil on a thick slab of sourdough bread along with tons of mushrooms sautéed in butter, shallots, and herbs, with a side of breakfast potatoes. The size of this plate was incredible, but the flavors were even more amazing. The mushrooms and truffle oil turned this into a super decadent dish and the eggs and breakfast potatoes added that classic breakfast dish element.


juice, smoothie
Emily Lyons

La Finca in downtown Montreal is a cute cafe that serves fresh, organic food. For lunch I got their yogurt and granola bowl which had local yogurt, house made granola, almonds, cranberries, raspberries, and strawberries. This bowl was packed with so much flavor and the yogurt was super fresh and tangy. I also tried my first ever green smoothie, which was made with kale, avocado, mango, and pineapple. The flavors were really bright and the smoothie was the perfect lunch time refresher. 

Emily Lyons

Another one of their options for lunch is their take on a peanut butter and jelly. It starts with house-made bread and is topped with organic peanut butter and a housemade strawberry compote. The bread is really chewy and flavorful while the peanut butter adds a nutty, crunchy component. The strawberry compote iss a great sweet note to top it all off.


cheese, egg
Emily Lyons

I cannot say enough about L'Auberge Saint-Gabriel. This was my favorite meal during my trip to Montreal, as the restaurant's food and atmosphere are outstanding. Pictured above is their burrata starter. The burrata cheese is served with heirloom tomatoes, basil, olive oil, tomato vinegar, and a side of grilled bread. This burrata is super creamy and packed with so much flavor. If I lived in Montreal this burrata dish would make me a regular at L'Auberge.

bacon, asparagus
Emily Lyons

One of L'Auberge's main dishes is their hanger steak. It is served with café de paris butter, spring vegetables, and fries. While the steak is very flavorful on its own, the decadent butter amps up this dish even more. There isn't much fat on this cut of meat which allows for a nice texture. The crunchy asparagus is a nice addition as well as the shoe string fries on the side. 


mousse, cream, chocolate
Emily Lyons

While there are a lot of great gelato places in Old Montreal, L'Auberge serves up the best dessert. Being the chocoholic I am, I had to try their chocolate and salted caramel pie. It is a decadent chocolate torte beneath a Florentine cookie and salted caramel whipped cream. The pie is surrounded by caramel sauce, candied walnuts, and chocolate chunks. This dessert satisfied my chocolate craving and then some. It is really rich but the chocolate's sweetness is balanced with the salted caramel elements.

ice, cream, ice cream, chocolate
Emily Lyons

L'Auberge also has a lighter, fruitier dessert option that all of the servers say is their favorite. It consists of blackberry and raspberry frozen yogurt, fresh fruit, violet meringue, and honey granola. This dessert is just as sweet, but far more refreshing than its chocolate counterpart. The frozen yogurt is really smooth and pairs well with the sweet granola. The fresh fruit adds fresh bursts of flavor and the violet meringue is a unique element. This dessert is the perfect way to end a decadent meal in Montreal.

While there are plenty of options to choose from in Montreal, these are some of the best restaurants to try. Their dishes are versatile, fresh, and fun. And who knows, your favorite part of Montreal might just be one of your meals!