Imagine this: you just had a great day in the city, but now your mind is on what train you have to take to get back to campus and that paper you procrastinated. Luckily, food makes EVERYTHING better, so grab some of these quick eats by Grand Central Station before you head back to VC so you won't have to eat at the Deece!

Here are some of my favorite places that are quick, easy, and cheap. They're great for casual sit down or take out and close to Grand Central so you'll have plenty of time to eat and make your train.  

1. Num Pang Sandwich Shop

Where: 140 E 41st

Cost: Under $10

Coconut tiger shrimp sandwich with toasted coconut flakes, YES PLEASE. They also have grain and rice bowls, soups and salads. Feeling a refreshing beverage or need a sweet fix? Try the Lemon Gingerade or Spiced Apple Cider, and the Salted Ginger & Peanut Butter cookie.

2. The Rawl

seafood, fish, rice, sushi, tuna, salmon, salad
Charlotte Markstein

Where: 212 E 45th St

Cost: $10-13

PSA this is a sushi burrito: more filling than sushi, but way lighter and healthier then an actual burrito. The Rawl puts their own unique spin on the popular dish. They offer anything from traditional grilled salmon with miso flavoring to fresh tuna, marinated with jalapeño and garlic infused soy.  If you're not feeling fish, try the marinated sautéed pork, grilled chicken meatloaf, or tofu options.

3. GRK Fresh Greek

Where: 451 Lexington Ave

Cost: $4-11

Another quick eat by Grand Central Station, GRK Fresh Greek offers reasonably priced greek food made with locally sourced ingredients. Their gyros, served with thinly sliced meat or portobello, can be eaten with sides or in a warm house baked pita, topped with a choice of three different tzatziki sauces. They also serve delicious salads and offer both frozen and fresh greek yogurt complete with interesting toppings, such as rose petal and pastelli sesame honey bites. 

4. Udon West

pasta, broccoli, noodle, soup, kale, ramen, spinach, vegetable
Charlotte Markstein

Where: 150 E 46th St 

Cost: $8-13

A cozy spot, nestled between lexington and 3rd avenue, serving udon, curry, and combinations of the two so you don't even have to choose one! Pictured is their Mountain Vegetable Udon. The food came in under 10 minutes, the noodles were delicious, and it was a perfect filling meal for a cold day.

5. Previti Pizza

Where: 123 E 41st St

Cost: Under $10

A family run business known for its wide variety of pizza and sandwiches.  You can keep it simple with the classic cheese or be adventurous and try the chicken bacon ranch or the artichoke and spinach in a truffle cream sauce. They also serve focaccia slices and pies.  Not in the mood for pizza? Try their specialty sandwiches on homemade bread, such as the chicken and provolone with spinach truffle sauce or the roast beef with garlic butter, potato chips, and mozzarella dipped in burgundy au jus.

Whether you're in the mood for pizza, greek, or udon, all these eateries are worth a try!  Their reasonable prices, delicious food, and proximity to Grand Central make these places a great last meal before heading back to VC!