The Life of a Towson Student as Told by 23 Food Puns

Life at Towson can be fun, stressful, complicated, and mostly importantly pun filled. In fact, Towson life can be described perfectly in these 23 tasty food puns!

1. When your seventh alarm goes off and you finally have to get yourself up for that one 8 A.M. 

2. When your family sees you for the first time after living off of campus Chick-Fil-A and Au Bon Pain all semester...

3. And how you feel after going to Burdick gym one time 

4. Then you ruin it by eating a whole pizza from Pazzelli's

5. When your professor assigns two papers and a group project on the first day of class

6. When you've sneezed more than once in the past week so you're obviously sick and can't go to class.

7. And basically where everyone goes to diagnose themselves when they're not feeling well

8. How you feel when that cute boy from your class sends you the same snapchat he put in his story...

9. When you've had 5 mental break downs this week and someone asks how you're doing

10. Those professors that expect you to dress as if you are going to work but you show up in sweats anyway

11. When everyone on your floor of the dorm building becomes your second family

12. When it's five degrees out and there's two feet of snow on the ground, but you still have class

13. How you feel when you're first trying to figure out your way around the Liberal Arts building

14. When its finally the weekend and you're planning to go out with the squad

15. When you aren't 21 yet and have to resort to the 18+ nights at Torrent on the weekends

16. And when you end up being the one who pays for an Uber to and from Uptown. 

17. When it's 1:30 A.M. and you're trying to find your friends in Turtle 

18. How your friends react when you tell them you contemplate dropping out almost everyday

19. When your family asks if you are getting straight A's this semester

20. When your friend asks if you want to study at Cook, but the new season of your favorite show is now on Netflix

21. How everyone feels leading into finals week

22. When you finals are over and you get to see all of your old high school friends over winter break 

23. When the dining hall lady catches you sneaking food into your backpack 

But despite all the difficulties...

We can all enjoy a good food pun!