Calling all poke lovers, a poke stop has finally hit Eugene! 

This traditional Hawaiian cuisine that we all love and crave has finally found a home in downtown, and we couldn’t be happier.

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Jeffrey Ho

A recent graduate of the University of Oregon with a degree in product design, Jina Choi is the mastermind behind our new favorite stop, and she’s only twenty-three years old! Originally from Korea, Jina immigrated to Eugene with her parents ten years ago, where she eventually attended the University of Oregon. 

During her time in school, Jina would also frequently travel to Seattle where she discovered poke bars and first developed her love and appetite for the dish. When the opportunity arose after she graduated to take over and run her own shop, she jumped at the chance and headed back down to Eugene, where she opened Poke Stop. 

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Jeffrey Ho

The inspiration behind the name Poke Stop came from her idea that she wanted it to be a quick stop for people. “You can get the food quickly, within less than five minutes, and we have lots of options too!” She liked the idea of Poke Stop being a quick stop because she can resonate with students and understand that they don’t always have the time, money or energy to spend on actual dining. However, Poke Stop also provides plenty of seating for those who do prefer to dine in-house. 

Jeffrey Ho

The ingredients at Poke Stop are delivered fresh every day, and fish is hand cut frequently to preserve freshness. Jina wants to ensure that all food served is fresh and there for food is made as needed rather than all at once. The portions are not only filling but quite generous and will definitely provide a delicious leftover snack. “In the future, I might add more, but for right now I want to limit things so people don’t get too overwhelmed -we currently have over 25 topping selections.” The portions are generous because Jina understands the college budget and wants to provide quality food at a desirable price for students. 

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Jeffrey Ho

Thanks to a complete renovation and new design done solely by Jina, the atmosphere of the shop is unlike any restaurant in Eugene. Neon signs light up the walls and provide a pop of color, as well as the perfect Instagram photo-op. Cute lights dangle from the ceiling and cute green succulents line various walls. 

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Jeffrey Ho

So if you’re a poke lover like me, mark your calendars because the official grand opening is on Friday, August 4th! Make sure to head over there for some delicious poke and free musubi.