Los Angeles features a pretty strong variety of restaurants. From vegan eateries to beloved In-N-Out, the Los Angeles food scene is both unique and innovative. More specifically, the city is home to PBJ.LA — a restaurant that's both nostalgic and creative in its menu items.

PBJ.LA, which resides in Grand Central Market, reinvents the classic peanut butter and jelly sandwich to cater to sophisticated palettes. Oh, and the restaurant is vegan-friendly and makes its food with natural ingredients. What's not to love? I tried the restaurant's three most popular sandwiches and sides (almond milks and potato chips), and here's what I thought. 

The Old School

Obviously, I decided to start with the sandwich that started it all: the Old School. It's a simple sandwich, but it truly hits the spot. Organic peanut butter is paired with either a grape or strawberry jelly on vegan "Wonderbread," and it's a true ode to the childhood classic.

The Red Eye

If you're running late and forget to grab your usual cup of joe, look no further than the Red Eye. The bitterness of the crunchy BulletProof coffee bits, which are blended in the creamy peanut butter, perfectly balances out the sweet dark chocolate raspberry jam. This sandwich is perfect for when you need a mid-afternoon pick-me-up.

The Italian

Of all three sandwiches, the Italian proved my favorite. This adventurous sandwich consists of pine nut butter and a basil cherry tomato jam that creates a savory and tangy combination. You can even add cheese (vegan or otherwise) to this guy. If you're in the mood to much on something savory, I highly recommend ordering the Italian.

The Extras

Not only does PBJ.LA offer creative takes on your favorite sandwich, this restaurant offers additional menu items that are worth mentioning: Purple potato chips and almond milk. 

Purple potato chips? No worries, I was skeptical too, however, these house-made chips are packed with antioxidants and contain the right amount of salt to satisfy all cravings. Take your snacking game to a new (and healthier) level with these. 

In addition to purple potato chips, PBJ.LA makes its own almond milk from scratch. There are four flavors available: Vanilla lavender, Peruvian cocoa, strawberry and (my favorite) café au lait. Wash your sandwich down with a hearty, chilled glass of almond milk. 

Final Thoughts

PBJ.LA offers a modern take on the beloved PB&J, which I think will really resonate with people. With all-natural and responsibly-sourced ingredients, this restaurants creates a menu that features both classics and unique variations. This place will blow your tastebuds away with its fresh flavors, and it'll bring you back to your childhood with its menu.