As temperatures drop and fall's "days of desperation" are upon us, comfort food becomes a necessity. To me, there is nothing quite like taking a few minutes to lounge out with a classic comfort food: ooey, gooey grilled cheese. Thank your lucky stars, OU students, because grilled cheese thrives on our campus - specifically at the hidden gem, Couch Express. Located conveniently next to the study lounge in Couch Tower, Couch Express serves up some of the best comfort food on campus, from grilled cheese (more commonly referred to as "Cheezilla"), to Frito pie, to freshly baked cookies. Work up an appetite and prepare yourself for the "Cheezilla" at Couch Express.

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Christin Urso

I'll be the first to admit that until about two weeks ago, I did not know Couch Express existed. Yes: I was that uninformed, stressed out and oblivious freshman. It was not until a friend of mine and I were cramming for an upcoming exam that I realized the true delicacy that I had been missing out on for the first two months of my life at OU. My friend and I were grinding out notes and outlines in the Couch study lounge (which I also did not know existed, but highly recommend as a study spot!) and my stomach began to disrupt just about every person in the room. I would usually just pack up my belongings and head to the Caf, Cate or Crossroads all the way across campus, but there was no need to do that with Couch Express in sight. Although Couch Express' menu offers items such as chili, soups and salads, my mind was set on a grilled cheese sandwich, and I was more than ready to meet "Cheezilla."

bread, waffle, cheese
Alex Frank

This sandwich had the infamous "cheese pull." It perfectly soaked up the tomato soup that was served on the side. It was grilled to a crisp perfection on the outside, while the middle (what we came here for) contained a generous amount of melted cheese. I left satisfied, warmed up, and ready to tackle the next chapter of zoology. I highly recommend for any student feeling the same procrastination struggle or bearing the tundra that is Norman, Oklahoma, at the moment to stop by Couch Express for a quick bite of heaven.

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Caroline Ingalls

Not in the mood for grilled cheese? I could begin to question your motives, but instead I'll tell you that you're in luck! Couch Express cooks up breakfast sandwiches and an assortment of a la carte items on weekdays that are easy grab and go options on the way to class. Couch Express has a rotating daily special to ensure your lunch and dinner choices never seem repetitive. The cooks and staff at Couch Express have got your back until midnight Sunday-Thursday and until 3 p.m. on Friday. 

Whether you're a freshman who has yet to discover this hidden gem or a super senior who needs a classic fixin', do yourself a favor and head over to Couch Express to cozy up with "Cheezilla" on OUr campus!