When life hands you five exams, eight hours of work, one project and one lab report in a matter of four days, you deserve quality food. Thankfully, the same school that is drowning you in stress makes up for it with some delicious and comforting dining options. I always need to start my days with an energy-boosting breakfast, but this week calls for more than the typical grab-and-go Frappuccino from Starbucks or the quick bowl of cereal (no hard feelings cereal bar, you are still much appreciated). Following my early morning workout at the Huff, I visited the one place that freshmen know best; a place upperclassmen beg said freshman to take them to: Couch Restaurants (aka the Caf, aka your breakfast savior).

Breakfast at the Caf

The Caf is undoubtedly the most underrated breakfast option at OU; the lines are nonexistent, you can hear what your neighbor is saying, and the all-you-can-eat food is some of the best on this campus.

While I usually settle for the yogurt bar or the eggs made-to-order station, there was no stopping me when my eyes caught glimpse of the cinnamon spice pancakes. These mini silver dollar flapjacks with a perfect touch of fall did not disappoint and were exactly what I needed following a long night with the books.

Next to the pancakes were fresh, homestyle potatoes with sauteed peppers and onions. That's right, we don't do those quick and easy frozen home fries here! These were a great, savory fix to complement the sweet pancakes.

Down the line from the potatoes and other tempting side options were crispy bacon strips. I had to grab some because if we're being honest, is it even breakfast without bacon?

Madison Bussow

The Final Touch

With my heart and stomach both full and my plate clear, I needed something to cleanse my palate before rushing off to class. I looked just a few steps away from my table to the smoothie bar. I did not need much, but every morning there's a new sample smoothie to try (today's being strawberry banana with agave and soy milk). I finished my cup to the last drop. It was the perfect final touch to a delicious and fulfilling breakfast. 

glass, cup, pouring, smoothie, banana, yogurt, milk, dairy product, berry, sorbet, sweet, cream, ice, strawberry
Caroline Ingalls

A Ticket to the Caf, or a Ticket to Heaven?

All in all, the Caf is just too good to pass up when it comes to getting a solid breakfast before a rigorous day of classes and exams. The options never run dry, as there is something new to try every day. It's hard to get bored with a variety of choices that range from cereal and milk to French toast to an omelet made right before your eyes. Freshmen: Take this piece of advice and enjoy the Caf's breakfast while you have it. Upperclassmen: If you are ever offered a swipe into the Caf on an early morning, it is SO worth getting out of bed for (not to mention, they serve Starbucks coffee!). This breakfast made my stressful week a bit better, and I am well prepared to come here when life hits hard again ... or tomorrow morning, because it's that good.

Until I find the next great eats on OUr Campus, I hope you get the chance to start your day off right at this delectable hub!