Want to find a place to study but are stuck with limited options on campus? Eager to try some new cafes off-campus? Why not grab your bag and leave for a cafe with your study buddy on weekends? Research has proved that you should be studying at coffee shops instead of the library. You can find some nice cafes to grind with friends on weekends in Atlanta as you read on!

Here we go!

#1. Momonoki

Charlotte He

Located in Midtown near Georgia Tech, Momonoki is the must-go-to place for students who are either coffee-lovers or matcha manias. The first floor is a restaurant where you can enjoy delicious ramen and delicate Katsu Sando. 

Momonoki hosts its cafe on the second floor with comfortable seatings and soft music flowing in the background. There are a variety of specialty coffee and deserts that Momonoki boasts. I would strongly recommend its Okinawa Brown Sugar coffee if you like Brown Sugar like me! It is not overly sweet, but it still has the unique texture of brown sugar. 

Charlotte He

Momonoki is also a paradise for matcha lovers! After grinding for hours, why not reward yourself with some sweetness? From its signature matcha latte, the aesthetically-pleasing matcha ice cream, and the yummy matcha brownies, you will not be able to resist the temptation of having a bite!

#2. Java Cats Cafe

Want to cuddle some lovely cats while studying? Here is the cafe you do not want to miss on weekends. Covered in warm lighting and cat-related decorations, Java Cats Cafe is an ideal place for cat lovers to spend their Sundays!

It is worthy to notice that Java Cats is Georgia's first cat cafe. Their cat lounge houses shelter cats until they are adopted. If you know anyone who is thinking of adopting, it would be a great idea to bring them to Java Cats!

#3. Xander Coffee

Whether you are here for grinding or just hanging with friends, Xander Coffee will satisfy all your needs! With its ultra-modern style indoor design, neon lights that "Welcome All Cookie Monsters", and lovely coffee, Xander Coffee has impressed its customers as a newly-opened cafe.

There is also outdoor seating if you would like to grind while enjoying nice weather in the spring!

#4. Orange Coffee Bar

As the weather warms up, it is time we had some shaved ice! Well-known for its shaved ice, Orange Coffee Bar never lets its customers down by offering tasty shaved-ice in different flavors including honey-drew, watermelon and melon.

Orange Coffee Bar also has flavored coffees to offer aside from its shaved-ice and delicate macarons! Try their sweet potato latte and green tea latte to lighten the mood of your weekend.

#5. Tea House Formosa

If you are both a coffee-lover and a tea-lover, then Tea House Formosa should definitely be marked on your list! Serving traditional tea in a full tea set, Tea House Formosa provides its customers with a rich tea culture experience. You also cannot miss the creamy texture of their boba cake.

These five cafes are perfect for you to visit and spend high-quality time during the weekends while grinding on your schoolwork! Coffee-lovers, cat-lovers, and dessert-lovers, what are you waiting for?