Like many fellow Nekter addicts, we all know that Nekter Juice Bar is a lifestyle. From having an alarming number of Nekter charges on your credit card statement to personal relationships with employees, there are certain things that bond all true Nekter addicts together. Here are 15 signs that you have an addiction to Nekter Juice Bar too. 

1. You can't remember the last time you actually had to order because all the employees know you.

2. When you go to Nekter for the first time in a while, the employees ask you where you’ve been.

3. You use cash sometimes to pay because the quantity of Nekter Juice Bar charges on your credit card statement is embarrassing.

cream, cake, ice, bacon, strawberry, ice cream
Hayley Reardon

4. Your favorite employees sometimes give you the employee discount.

5. You become genuinely invested in the Nekter employees' lives and visa versa.

strawberry, muesli, cereal
Nicole Cohen

6. You can't remember the last time you actually looked at the menu.

7. You feel a weird sense of guilt whenever you go to a different juice bar.

tea, coffee
Hayley Reardon

8. You get personally offended when someone says they think Nekter is “just ok."

9. No one would outright dare to say they don’t like Nekter to you.

10. Whenever you get to pick the restaurant you always choose Nekter Juice Bar.

beer, chocolate
Hayley Reardon

11. Every week you tell yourself you are going to cut down your Nekter spending.

12. You always fail.

13. You will go to Nekter no matter the weather.

smoothie, juice, watermelon, strawberry, ice
Nicole Cohen

14. Whenever you’re sick you always favor or postmate Nekter.

15. You’ve probably been to Nekter within the past 48 hours.

There's nothing that can soothe a sickness or help you get through finals quite like Nekter Juice Bar. Their bowls, juices, and smoothies will always be there for you to rack up your credit card bills, but that's what bonds true Nekter addicts.