Ever come across a restaurant that you've walked by thousands of times and never been in? Do you ever surprise yourself and go inside? If so, when you went inside were you shocked at the experience? This all happened to me when I went to Ali Baba, and here's why.

The Atmosphere

Passing by Ali Baba, you would not expect for it to be a warm and welcoming place, but as you enter, your opinion will be flipped. I walked in and I was immediately welcomed. The restaurant staff greeted us with smiles and politeness.

Walking towards the back of the restaurant, you were transported into a Middle Eastern world. Along the walls, there were drapes and carpets filled with bright and bold colors. Yellows, browns and oranges were infused in the room, together with low area seating and big round tables. Definitely something you could find in the Aladdin Disney movie.

Katie Coulson

The Food

I heard amazing reviews of the samosa cheese and ordered it shortly after we sat down. The Middle Eastern appetizer had three different types of cheeses, stuffed and melted into a deep fried dough. When I split the fried dough in half, the cheeses and spices melted and oozed out. If you're ever in the mood for mozzarella sticks, I highly suggest you try these babies.

I also ordered the Ali Baba salad which was a plain salad with cucumbers, tomatoes and feta cheese, with a lemon vinaigrette dressing. Being pescatarian, I ordered mine with grilled shrimp, and loved it. 

Katie Coulson

My food came out fast and steamy, and I was pleasantly surprised at the appearance. I ordered the chicken kabobs, which came along with soft white rice and a side of hummus and pita bread. The kabobs were impeccable – they were perfectly grilled and seasoned, and slipped right off the skewers. All the entrées were eaten and scarfed down almost instantly.

Katie Coulson

Ali Baba is a hidden gem at The University of Delaware. Many students underestimate the little red awnings that appear on the outside of the restaurant, and some don't even know you can eat a meal there. Whether you're in the mood for a priceless kabob, Greek salad, pita wrap, or even a pita pizza, there's something for everyone at Ali Baba.