Families and college students wake up early each morning to jump in the line at Monuts not just because of its great staff or delicious coffee, but because of its homemade donuts.

Allie Patenaude

This bakery has two types of donuts; yeast-raised and cake. Dough donuts (yeast-raised) are made from batter that is light, such as your usual donut. Their cake donuts, on the other hand, are made from dense cake batter. At Monuts, they come up with new ideas each season for their flavors and make sure each donut is baked and glazed to perfection. Let's take a peek at the new fall flavors.

1. Plain Glazed

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Allie Patenaude

While this may be just a glazed donut, it is exceptionally delicious. Even though Krispy Kremes are infamously good, they can be a it overwhelmingly sugary. Monuts makes sure that this classic donut is light and not overly sweet. This is one of the thinner dough-based donuts, which makes a cup of coffee the best match for it. The glazed donut is smooth and hearty at the same time. My only advice is to ask a staff member to heat it up, if it's not already.

2. Apple Cider

cake, pastry, doughnut, sweet, chocolate, bread
Allie Patenaude

The Apple Cider Donut's flakey sugar bits and gooeyness make it one of the more heartwarming fall donuts. This donut is cake-based, making it dense and sweet. Eat this donut with hot cider while apple picking for the perfect fall day.

3. Pumpkin Maple

cake, cinnamon
Allie Patenaude

This was objectively my favorite of the fall donuts. The inside was a dense pumpkin cake that has just the right amount of spice in it. The glaze was a heavenly blanket of maple syrup that left me wanting another. This donut would be a great fall desert and could be heated or served with ice cream on top. The donut is not overwhelming, but is hardy enough to be filling. I would say that if you warm the donut up, an iced coffee or pumpkin spice latte would be my drink choice.

4. Apple Cider Crumb

sweet, pastry, doughnut, cake, chocolate, cream, candy
Allie Patenaude

The Apple Cider Crumb is the thickest donut in width. But on the inside it is one of the light, dough-based donuts. This is definitely the most decadent of the bunch. The frosting is extremely sweet and the crumbs add more of the crisp, apple flavor people are looking for. Also, the frosting is a mixture of vanilla and cream cheese. You will definitely need a napkin for this one. I would recommend a hot Starbucks latte or simply black coffee on the side.

5. Brown Butter Pumpkin

Allie Patenaude

This donut embodies fall at its best. The brown butter pumpkin tastes of brown sugar and a light butter. It is dough-based and it has a sugary, pumpkin frosting. It is topped off with nuts covered in a brown sugar glaze. It certainly felt like I was eating a fluffy pumpkin or pecan pie. I would drink an expresso shot or the seasonal Caramel Apple Spice Latte (with whipped cream and a caramel drizzle, of course) at Starbucks.

6. Orange Cranberry

Allie Patenaude

Many people were not quick to jump at this donut. Even though it sounds like an acquired flavor, people loved it once they had a bite. This is a dough-based donut with glaze that has a hint of an orange tangy taste. The cranberry drizzle ties it into the fall theme and makes the flavors collide into a twist of sweetness. The drizzle is definitely the best part because it tastes fresh and non-artificial. While it may not have been my first choice out of all these donuts, it certainly has the most punch and zest. My drink choice for this would either be a sweet juice or anything Teavana.

7. Chocolate Lavender

chocolate, doughnut, cake, sweet
Allie Patenaude

If you like rich chocolate, this is certainly the donut for you. Warning, there is a layer of lavender baked into the cake base. It isn't overwhelming and actually gives the donut a subtle, extra flavor. This is definitely the most sophisticated of all the donuts. Drink milk or a Vanilla Bean Frappuccino along with this baby.

8. Strawberry Gingersnap

cake, bread
Allie Patenaude

The Strawberry Gingersnap is the smallest donut of the bunch. The whole donut is wrapped in a hardened, berry glaze that melts in your mouth. The gingersnap cake inside is a surprisingly, incredible match for the strawberry. The sweet and savory compliment each other and allow for your drink to be a Starbucks Caffe Misto or decaf coffee.

Monuts is the best bakery and brunch spot in Durham. If you are in need of a soccer sideline snack or a yummy dinner party dessert, these donuts are perfect. There are so many flavors that there is certainly to be one for everyone. 

While there are so many people that peg donuts as a morning food, Monuts is suitable for anytime of the day because of their decadent toppings and creative glazes. Monuts will leave you obsessing over donuts and continually curious about their new flavors to come. Stay tuned for the winter flavors coming soon.