Working for your food can actually be fun. Moberi is home to a bike-powered blender that you can use to make anything from kale smoothies to açaí bowls. You start the dining adventure by picking out a drink from the menu, while employees put together the ingredients. They dump it all into a blender-bike rig that's attached to a immobile bike. Hop on the bike and pedal as hard as you can. The gears on the bikes ignite the blender, and in a few short seconds you'll have made your own smoothie.

What's the Deal?

Owner Ryan Carpenter began this bike-blending business back in 2011 and recently opened a second Moberi location in Portland. The shop uses biodegradable materials, and 1% of every purchase goes towards an environmentally focused non-profit organization. 

Aside from regular smoothies, the spot also sells trendy smoothie bowls that are named after TV and film characters, such as The Yoda, the Uncle Jesse, and the Dragonbowl Z (made with pitaya, aka: dragonfruit). Clever.

Other than satisfying the needs of those who are health-conscious the smoothie shop is gaining popularity with people of all ages because of its fun and interactive nature. Moberi is sure to be the first of many BIY (Blend It Yourself) juice bars, so head on down if you're in the area and make sure to wear your biking shoes.