Ever since Fuller House aired on Netflix earlier this year, I’ve been feeling a little 90s nostalgia. I even binge-watched all 192 episodes of the original series in an embarrassing amount of time.

If you ever wondered what your favorite Full House character would be as a food, then look no further. If not, then pin a rose on your nose mister.

Danny Tanner: Healthy Salad

Full House

Photo by Jackie Fu

With three young daughters running around the house (and Joey), it makes sense that Danny has some pretty obsessive cleaning habits. To avoid making a mess, Danny would clearly be a clean, healthy salad. No salad dressing of course—he wouldn’t want it too messy.

At times he can be a little risky, so it’s possible that he could be a salad with some crunchy croutons, but ONLY if there’s a vacuum near by just in case of emergency.

Do not let this simplicity surprise you, though, as Danny Tanner will forever be our favorite “hip” dad.

Full House

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Jesse Katsopolis: Peanut Butter, Banana and Bacon Sandwich

Full House

Photo by Christin Urso

For most of us, Uncle Jesse is our first celebrity crush. He makes our hearts skip a beat with that perfectly styled hair, so it’s no surprise that his food equivalent could also lead to cardiac arrest—a peanut butter sandwich with bananas and bacon.

In the wise words of Uncle Jesse, have mercy. Known for his Elvis obsession, it’s no surprise that he would be the The King of Rock ‘N Roll’s favorite sandwich. Don’t worry, if you choose to try this, you can burn off those extra calories swiveling your hips to Elvis’s greatest hits.

Full House

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 Joey Gladstone: Cereal

Full House

Photo by Courtney Hatfield

Joey brings a smile to our faces with his tricks, impersonations, and most importantly with Mr. Woodchuck. His sense of humor makes him the fourth child of the house, so it’s fitting that he would be a childhood classic like cereal.

Lucky Charms, Capt’n Crunch, Coco Puffs, Fruity Pebbles, you name it. Just like Joey, cereal brings us back to a time where all that mattered were the Saturday morning cartoons.

Get creative with your favorite childhood cereal in the morning by turning it into pancakes.

D.J. Tanner: Homestyle Mac-n-Chesse

Full House

Photo by Annie Madole

Because of her warm and tender ways, DJ Tanner would be Mac-n-Cheese. It’s a classic that reminds you of home and gives you comfort, much like DJ Tanner.

DJ is the female role model for Stephanie and Michelle, and in all truth, she’s our role model too. She gives us valid life advice like girls can be bitches, and to not worry, that we’ll eventually grow out of our awkward years (yeah, still waiting on that one, Deej).

Stephanie Tanner: Pizza-Topped Pizza

Full House

Photo courtesy of @vinniesbrooklyn on Instagram

Not to pick favorites, but Stephanie is definitely the coolest in my opinion. She’s spunky, adventurous, and a sick dancer. Out of Tanner girls, Steph is definitely the wild child—she even ran off and got married to Harry Takayama at age 9. Steph is anything but boring, so it’s only fitting she would be pizza topped with mini pizzas.

Here are some other odd pizza toppings Steph might go for.

Full House

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Michelle Tanner: Ice Cream Sundae

Full House

Photo by Jayna Goldstein

Michelle stole our hears from day one with her cute puppy dog eyes. She really understands our need for sweets.

Michelle’s greatest weakness: ice cream. She’ll do whatever she can to get her hands on some. Only a glorious sundae could do her justice. It would more than likely include gummy worms, chocolate syrup, sprinkles, whipped cream, more chocolate syrup, more whipped cream, and of course, a cherry on top.