Recently, walking down State Street, many of you have probably thought: "wtf happened to Mia Za's?" It was once a UW Madison student staple for food. They had build-your -own panini, pizza, pasta, and salad dishes that were fit to purchase on the run or also clutch for student organization fundraisers

Now we are left with a gaping, empty, black space. So, we made a list of places we think should replace Mia Za's and amp up the food game on State.

1. Culver's 

Ah, the obvious choice. How many times a day do you wish there was a Culver's nearby that was not a drive away? I'd say 5-6 probably. The fast food PLUS their custard, nothing can top this obvious choice.

2. Panera

Although it is so easy to get Panera delivered to your apartment, dorm, or house, the best move would entail having a Panera planted right on state street. It is perfect to grab a lunch for class and its a perfect spot for a casual dinner.

3. Deli

Shoutout to my fellow East-Coasters on this one. All we crave day in and out is a bomb deli to make us breakfast sandwiches and loaded rolls that remind us of home.

4. Sushi 

Red is a far haul for students and a bit pricey. All we could ask for is a good place to get sushi that isn't sketchy. Maybe our friends at Michigan could help us out here (Sadako please).

5. California Food Inspired Cafe

Lauren Lamothe

Avo Toast, Acai Bowls, and grain bowls are all the Madison foodies could hope for. This would definitely help State Streets aesthetic and would provide a mecca for food instas (just saying). 

There are so many options to pick from and Mia Za's really is a prime space in the middle of State. Fingers crossed that one of these makes an appearance sometime soon.