Soft serve is great, and ice cream is even better, but if you want the most delicious summer dessert, frozen custard is by far the best (and my personal favorite). If you haven’t had this tasty treat before, it is very similar to ice cream, except in addition to cream and sugar, egg yolks are a key ingredient. Good frozen custard is hard to find on the East Coast (sorry Rita’s), so whenever I go home to Wisconsin I’m sure to indulge in my favorite dessert.

1. LeDuc’s Frozen Custard

frozen custard

Photo courtesy of @bobbysalb on Instagram

LeDuc’s has been a custard staple in Southeastern Wisconsin for over 30 years. This custard shop is open year-round, which means even when it is -20 degrees, there is still frozen custard (the custard will taste warmer than the air outside feels). Along with a flavor of the day, LeDuc’s also offers a sundae of the month. The summer flavors of the day revolve around all of the berries that are in season.

#SpoonTip: The Rocky Mountain Raspberry never disappoints.

2. Gilles Frozen Custard

frozen custard

Photo courtesy of @sethfrommke on Instagram

Gilles is Milwaukee’s oldest custard spot, founded in 1938. There are so many different sundae options, making it nearly impossible to decide once you reach the front of the line at the counter. You can’t go wrong with a classic turtle sundae, or one “Those Things,” which is kind of like a DQ Dilly Bar, but way better.

3. The Kiltie Drive-In

frozen custard

Photo by Malin Ehrsam

The Kiltie is perhaps best known for the unforgettable atmosphere than the unforgettable custard. This spot is only open seasonally; the announcement of their opening on Facebook is very exciting. True to the name of the establishment, the waitresses all wear plaid kilts, even in the crisp April weather. The Animal Circus for the Kids is a classic Kiltie Sundae, and to be honest I still order one of those every time I visit.

4. Kopp’s Frozen Custard

frozen custard

Photo courtesy of @graceless_tallmadge on Instagram

This burger/custard joint has three locations in the Milwaukee area. Kopp’s has been in the custard business for more than 65 years. They will even ship frozen custard anywhere in the contiguous United States (but it will cost you a pretty penny).

Kopp’s stays true to their founder’s German roots, with flavors of the day such as German Apple Streusel (imported tart apple flavor with apple pieces and delicious streusel crunchies) and Bienenstichkuchen (almond-flavored custard mingled with yellow cake pieces, honey, Bavarian creme and sliced almonds).

5. Mickey’s Fresh Frozen Custard

frozen custard

Photo courtesy of @la_vdv on Instagram

Mickey’s is another seasonal custard spot that springs to life come summer. Mickey’s is famous for its to-die-for custard pies (i.e. better than ice cream cake). The hot fudge at Mickey’s is made in-house; it makes all of their sundaes even better.

6. Culver’s

frozen custard

Photo courtesy of @culvers on Instagram

Culver’s is another thing I miss about the Midwest when I’m out at school. Between the custard and the cheese curds, there is nothing out East that can even compare. Culver’s has vanilla, chocolate, and a flavor of the day custard. For a quick drive thru scoop of custard, Culver’s is the best choice. Culver’s is known for their concrete mixers, which are like custard shakes filled with toppings of your choice.