The other day I went to Knead Doughnuts, the popular and beloved doughnut shop in Providence home to flavors like Brown Butter Pecan and Lemon Lavender Old Fashioned. But unlike usual, I didn’t cross any bridges or head downtown to get there. And I didn’t have to lose my breath walking back up College Hill on the way home. No, this time I headed northeast from Brown's campus to the new Knead location.

Wait, there's another Knead?

Knead Doughnuts recently opened up their second location at 135 Elmgrove Avenue after finding much success with their downtown location. Now, Brown University students are lucky enough to be sandwiched between Knead.

I had the pleasure of sitting down and talking with Adam Lastrina, one of the owners of Knead Doughnuts, to interview him about (K)new Knead. He gave me free doughnuts, coffee, and the inside scoop about opening up shop on the northeast side of College Hill.

Anotha One.

The team at Knead decided to open up a second location because the downtown location isn't that accessible–it's hard to find parking and if you do, you have to pay. At this location, there is a lot of street parking and it's free. The Elmgrove location makes it easier for people to eat doughnuts. 

A great team, hardworking managers, and loyal customers motivated Adam to "look outward and expand" and he couldn't be more "humbled and excited that it's open!"

What's the difference between the two?

The best way to describe this location, coming from the owner himself, is that it's "the same, but different." Even though the space is different, Adam wants to make sure that Knead's values of quality products and customer service are upheld in the new space. Each place also embodies the same feel and has some of their signature features like the table and chairs and the Knead tile in the doorway. Adam does describe the new location as "warmer because of the lighting, flooring, brick, and beautiful mural by Rebecca Volynsky."

Since both places cater to a different audience, it's no wonder that the new location, in a residential area, holds a warmer and calmer vibe. The downtown location matches the hustle and bustle of Providence.

This new space is also about 30% larger than the first location, which means room for office space, more seating, and a mini-doughnut shop for the kiddos.

Both locations sell the same products and all of the doughnuts are sourced from the downtown location since (K)new Knead does not have a kitchen.

Cool space, bro.

Rachael Cholak

(K)new Knead did not always look this beautiful. Adam described the renovation project as being daunting at first. The building sat vacant for a full year and they ended up pretty much gutting it. But he said it was also exciting–since so much work went into the place, more creativity could go into it too.

With this creativity came the mini-doughnut shop at (K)new Knead. Focusing on making the new place family-oriented because it's in a residential area, Knead installed a play bakery. Kids can hang out, make (fake) doughnuts, check out customers at the register, and even enjoy their (real) doughnuts at the kids' counter. From real kitchen supplies to refurbished diner stools (found in the basement from the '80s when the place was Bagels East), the kids' kitchen really does have everything so kids can be distracted while moms can hang out and enjoy their coffee and doughnuts.

Rachael Cholak

Can we talk more doughnuts?

There are about 2-3 deliveries every day made from the downtown location to Elmgrove. This is to make sure that the doughnuts always stay fresh at Elmgrove since they don't have a kitchen.

So obviously, the doughnuts are just as delicious! Right now, my favorite is the PB&J. Adam said that overall the most popular doughnut is the vanilla glazed brioche, which he is proud of because "it's hard to mask a vanilla glazed doughnut. You can't fool anyone with crazy toppings or glazes. There are only 7 ingredients in a glazed doughnut, so you have to make sure that's perfect before you do anything else."

Make sure to check out Knead's Elmgrove shop for Instagram-worthy pics with their mural, to play in their mini-bakery, or to just eat some amazing doughnuts! And remember, Knead takes special orders for events and graduation is coming up *cough cough Mom and Dad*.