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Nicole Alberta

You're walking through the heart of Providence, and you stumble along Custom House Street. You look down the road, and a blue flag wavering in the wind catches your eye. But what could it be? Upon a closer look, you are able to make out the words 'KNEAD Doughnuts' - so you take a step into the rustic building. Congratulations. You've just made your way into doughnut heaven

Operating Hours; Seven days a week, 8am-3pm. That's right, these doughnuts are available every single day.

Meet The Knead Team

(From left to right)

Wetherly Rouleau  - Production Manager/Head Baker. 

"Seeing this project come to life has been a dream come true. Who wouldn't want their lives to revolve around doughnuts?! I love contributing something delicious to the city, and I love the excitement from my staff in being part of such a fulfilling project."

Favorite Doughnut(s): Cinnamon bun, vanilla old fashioned & vanilla glazed

Bryan Gibb - Owner/Partner/Creative Director

"Seeing how folks are interacting with the space, the doughnuts, and the staff makes this all very exciting. To see and feel an idea become reality has been and will continue to fuel how we grow this business. Wetherley has shown great leadership in turning out great products from day one, and we are lucky to be able to work alongside her."

Favorite Doughnut: Vanilla Old Fashioned

Todd Mackey - Owner/Partner 

"I am ecstatic to be part of such a wonderful team aiming to make a product that excites the people in our community, served in a space that they can call their own."

Favorite Doughnut: Raspberry Fritter

Adam Lastrina - Managing Owner

"We are excited to be downtown in the heart of the financial district, and so close to the Universities. There is seemingly a nationwide surge in doughnut popularity and we are excited to be part of it, and fill that gap here in RI."

Favorite Doughnut: Vanilla Brioche 

Why 'KNEAD'?

A name that's clever, punny, AND easy to pronounce? How'd they come up with that one?! The name 'KNEAD' was actually first on a list of about 60 other options, but was sort of forgotten, and then made its way back into the mix. Now, it's plastered all over social media, and is a name you'll knead to know. 

The Location

Downton Providence is known for it's small hidden gems, but KNEAD Doughnuts, located at 32 Custom House Street, is the biggest catch of them all. Walking distance from the downtown campus of Johnson & Wales University, this doughnut dojo features an open kitchen (as pictured above, big glass window = watching my doughnuts being made) which is sort of rare in this industry. The building itself is overflowing with character, and the shop still features some original brass-work. Besides, the second you step into the store, you're immediately greeted with a large glass display case filled with doughnuts - and what better way to start the interaction than with these delicious treats

Well, What Makes Them Different?

KNEAD's main focus is to create genuinely good doughnuts, while adding a couple unique flavors along the way. Unlike local competitors, such as PVDonuts, KNEAD's flavor profile is a bit more stable, with elevated classical flavors. They also offer a delivery option in the Downtown Providence Area with a $5 fee, Monday thru Friday, from 8am-noon. #SpoonTip: Make sure to place your orders 48 hours in advance! They accept credit cards and Apple Pay, as well.

The Menu

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KNEAD offers three types of doughnuts as well as two fritters. In the old fashioned category, they offer a vanilla bean sour cream doughnut coated with a house-made vanilla glaze, or a freshly ground Early Grey doughnut with lemon glaze and candied ginger pieces. They sell three types of cake doughnuts - chocolate, chocolate sea salt, and orange poppyseed. However, their brioche dough steals the spotlight with a vanilla glazed, cinnamon roll, passion fruit, and brown butter toffee doughnut. If filled doughnuts are more of your thing, check out the jelly filled, peanut butter and jelly filled, or the boston cream doughnut. And of course I can't forget about the fritters - apple and raspberry are both available. #SpoonTip: Order the cinnamon roll doughnut - it's like biting into a Cinnabon - doughnut hybrid...but better. The chocolate glazed is a super close second, and of course you can't go wrong buying a doughnut for each hand. 

Looking for more mouth-watering doughnut pics? Check out KNEAD's Instagram (@kneaddoughnuts) here. And while you're at it, start heading over to 32 Custom House Street. Your doughnuts are waiting.