Where Donut Dreams Come True...

For just $15, you can get a passport that gives you one complimentary donut at 12 local donut shops throughout Rhode Island. As if that is not exciting enough, they agreed to give JWU's Spoon University Chapter $5 out of every $15 passport, if you buy it using the COUPON CODE: JWU.

So Where Can You Get These Donuts?

PVDonuts, KNEAD Doughnuts, Ma's Donuts and More, Elmwood Diner, Matos Bakery, Honey Dew Donuts, DeLuise Bakery, The Blue Kangaroo Cafe, Augusta Street Kitchen, Sip-N-Dip, Vienna Bakery, and Silver Star Bakery are all participating (so far)! That means more donuts can still join the competition!

Reasons to participate:

You save money (a donut at these places can range from $3-4 dollars!).

You get to vote on Rhode Island's best donut.

You'll be cultured in all things Rhode Island, donut related of course.

Your coolness will go up a few levels.

Great date idea (drive around RI + eat 12 donuts = guaranteed 2nd date)

Reasons not to participate:

None. Literally nothing should be stopping you from doing this.

So, go buy your donut passport and get a move on it!

Don't forget the coupon code: JWU

Here's the link to buy the passports: http://rifoodfights.com/

Here's some sexy pictures of donuts participating in the battle because why not:

Tess Greenberg
Jacqueline Paez
bread, raspberry, jelly, jam
Joe Palencia
cinnamon, chocolate, doughnut
Tess Greenberg
bagel, doughnut
Tess Greenberg
dough, bread, cake, chocolate, candy, pastry, sweet, doughnut
Nicole Alberta