If you haven't heard yet, Jamba Juice opened in Durham, NC. It's a new health hotspot, adding to the quickly growing number of restaurants on 9th Street. With a wide range of smoothies, juices, and bowls, this new Jamba Juice should be any Duke student's favorite snack spot.

You might have memories of getting a "Caribbean Passion" smoothie from the Jamba Juice around the corner of your elementary school. You remember it as a delightful, after-school-snack, but have you thought about the smoothies' health benefits? In reality, Jamba Juice isn't just sugar-filled smoothies, but rather, fruit-filled drinks. Whether you want a sweet drink to "treat yo' self," are replenishing after a workout, or want to cleanse, Jamba Juice has something for you.

For the Health Freak:

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Meredith Davin

Jamba Juice has added new flavors and other snacks, aiming to help provide people with the nutrients they need. They pride themselves in the fact that there are no added sugars in almost all of their smoothies (excluding sorbet), and their juices which are made of 100% pure juice in-house. The smoothies categorized as "Fruit and Veggies" are exclusively made of those things; nothing else is added.

For the Veggie H8r:

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Meredith Davin

If you're not a health freak, and don't love veggies as much as you probably should, it's important to know that every smoothie with "kale" as an ingredient contains three servings of kale. That's a good portion of the vegetables you need for your whole day, all hidden in one cup.

For the Athlete: 

The "PB Mood" is an updated, healthier version of the "PB Chocolate Love." It replenishes electrolytes with chocolate milk, as well as provides protein and healthy fat from the  peanut butter. Another solution for a busy and hungry athlete is to add protein powder or greek yogurt to any smoothie. Another, lesser-known health fact is that ginger is a great muscle relaxer. Take a Jamba Ginger Shot to prevent soreness or soothe your stomach.

For the Basic Betch:

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Meredith Davin

At $6 to $7, this açaí bowl boasts the best price in Durham. The granola on top is pumpkin spice-flavored, and we can attest that it's to-die-for. This bowl is as basic as it gets, but that's what makes it so delicious. 

For the Cleanser:

Their "Super Blends Smoothies" were created by the famous trainer Harley Pasternak, specifically for Jamba Juice. They're designed to be used as a cleanse: drink 3 per day, plus 2 other snacks. But, because the fruit is blended (and not juiced like in a typical cleanse) the fiber remains in the drink to fill you up. Juices, on the other hand, contain all the simple carbohydrates (sugar), but not the fiber. Adding greek yogurt or peanut butter to these smoothies adds some protein to your cleanse. These are also great as a meal replacement.

Regardless of what kind of person you are, or the smoothie you prefer, Jamba is guaranteed to fuel your body with the nutrients that it needs. This Jamba Juice can make any Duke student happy.

Welcome to the Jamba Family.

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Meredith Davin

No matter what you order there, the backstory of this Jamba Juice location will make anyone smile. Liz and Eric are the franchise owners; they opened this location on their own and it's nearly all self-run. They've become what they refer to as a "Jamba Family;" they both worked at Jamba Juice in high school, and even met there. At their wedding, instead of cocktails, they served Jamba Juice smoothies. The two of them and their new daughter moved to Durham last October, and have started this shop from the ground up.

No matter who you are or what you want to order, you'll want to support this local family. Be sure to stop by, as well as follow them on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook!