If Lily Library and Trinity coffee simply don't cut it for you, you should try out one of these amazing options on 9th Street in Durham. All three of these coffee shops have wonderful, exotic coffee and an inviting atmosphere to spend a day studying. Each shop is different, so here's an outline of the food, drink, and environment vibes of each place.

Triangle Coffee House

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Lexi Clifford

Food & Drink: The coffee from Triangle Coffee House is the best cup of coffee I've had in Durham. Each speciality drink I've ordered has been made with the perfect blend of coffee, milk, and flavors. The snacks are somewhat lacking, but there are always smoothies, vegan muffins, and other treats which are the perfect pick-me-up alongside a coffee for a full day of studying.

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Lexi Clifford

Environment: The slogan printed on their sign is "Drink. Eat. Study. Lounge." You can come here to do all of these things simultaneously. If you can work with a some hustle and bustle, then the first floor of this shop is the perfect place for you. The unique coffee bag chairs face the window and allow you to stare out onto ninth street when you need a mental break. The shop smells delightfully of freshly roasted coffee and the ambiance is perfect.

Down in the basement is very quite, and a great place to work. However, it lacks the fun atmosphere of the upstairs, and is slightly dungeon-y. If you like the feel of the basement in Lily Library, this could be a new place for you. 

Francesca's Caffe

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Lexi Clifford

Food & Drink: A "dessert caffe," Francesca's has all the best desserts, drinks, and foods you could want from a café. They serve especially delightful gourmet coffee beverages, along with various homemade desserts – including their famous gelato, crêpes, cakes and pastries. They also have a large selection of savory snacks, from paninis to hummus and pita, if you're planning on staying a while.

Lexi Clifford

Environment: There are two different vibes in this shop. The main room is perfect if you like to work where it's a bit loud with people coming in and out ordering food. It's great for a group project. If you sit at the booths in the side room, you still can overhear the steady buzz of people, but without all the distraction. This is the perfect noise level, allowing for conversation breaks when working with friends, but creating an environment conducive to studying.

George's Java

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Maggie Finney

Food & Drink: There's not an abundance of food options at George's, but the coffee is magnificent. With multiple various flavors of coffee, you're bound to find something new and fun to try. George's prides itself in hand-crafted organic roasts and drinks. The only food available is also drinkable. Their smoothies are delicious and their "coffee creme" (a milkshake-like, frappuccino drink) is perfect to fill and wake you up.

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Maggie Finney

Environment: George's Java is unique in that it sells its house-roast coffee beans. This enhances the smell of the shop, completely inundating the it with an aroma of coffee. The atmosphere is calm, cozy, and inviting: perfect for working on a paper. 


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Maggie Finney

Triangle Coffee House: The best coffee is here, with a fantastic atmosphere upstairs, but a somewhat loud and slightly scary downstairs. Also has healthy and delicious vegan snacks. 

Francesca's: Has the best and largest variety of food, with  a loud main room and quite side room. Inviting to stay awhile. 

George's Java: The coffee aroma is out of this world and you won't want to leave. If you get hungry easily, you probably shouldn't stay too long.