Have you ever wondered what other types of food Italian folks eat aside from pizza, pasta, and calzone? There are a lot of options: “panzerotto” is one of them, and you can try it at Mr. Panzerotto, an Italian food store located in one of the liveliest and most eccentric neighborhoods in the Big Apple, the Greenwich Village.

What’s a Panzerotto?

Imagine a folded pizza with the dimensions of an empanada, except a panzerotto is more than that. Panzerotto literally means “little belly,” which is usually filled with mozzarella cheese, tomato, and ham, or with just mozzarella and tomato. Different from the calzone, a panzerotto’s dough is fried and its shape looks like a half-moon.

The Place

Mr. Panzerotto, on MacDougal St., is a cozy Italian cafe where the specialty served are exclusively panzerotti. Like many other cafes and bars in the Village, Mr. Panzerotto is a small place. Customers will find they're easily welcomed as they sit around the table while eating their yummy panzerotto and sipping sweet Italian soft drinks.

Types of Panzerotti

ale, tea, coffee, beer
Giulia Baldini

Customers will find themselves in front of a variety of delicious choices—from the fragrant Mr. Prosciutto containing ham, tomato sauce, and mozzarella, to the classic Mr. Panzerotto containing mozzarella, tomato sauce, and oregano. The cafe also provides vegetarian and pescatarian alternatives, with either salmon or shrimp.

For Your Sweet Tooth

The place also offers sweeter options, like the candied Miss Nutella or the fruity Mr. Yogurt.

The Experience

beer, coffee, tea
Giulia Baldini

No endless lines, a cozy location, delicious food. The times I have been to Mr. Panzerotto were both amazing and satisfying. I would be lying if I said that I don't plan on going back there again. Whenever I happen to be in the Village and I’m hungry, Mr. Panzerotto is certainly a place to look at.