Whether you’ve turned your kitchen into a real-life Chopped arena or you aspire to have Guy Fieri’s flamboyant blonde spikes, you can probably agree with us that the Food Network stars are better than The Real Housewives. They meet all the coolest chefs, test and create award winning recipes, and find all the best restaurants.

In a desperate attempt to be almost as cool and badass as Anne Burrell, we found 5 restaurants within a short walk or subway ride of your NYU dorm that will make you feel like the next Iron Chef. With everything from Cupcake Wars winners to Bobby’s favorite burgers, we’ve got your Food Network fix covered.

Max Brenner

The Best Thing I Ever Ate

Food Network

Photo by Jaime Wilson

This place is honestly like a real life Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. On top of waffle fries dusted with cocoa powder and bacon mac n’ cheese, you can have just about every chocolatey creation imaginable.

Food Network stars Ted Allen, Duff Goldman, and Tyler Florence found Max Brenner’s chocolate pizza (that’s right, chocolate pizza) worthy of a spot on the pizza episode of The Best Thing I Ever Ate. But then again, how could chocolate pizza NOT be the best thing you’ve ever eaten?

The Brindle Room

Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives

Food Network

Photo By Jaime Wilson

If Guy Fieri thinks this burger deserves a four star review and a spot on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives, we’re certainly in no place to disagree. This is one of those burgers that you just never want to end. And even if you think you can’t eat any more, make sure you stick around for the complimentary donut holes because, well… free donut holes.

A Salt And Battery

Throwdown With Bobby Flay

Food Network

Photo by Jaime Wilson

On an episode of Throwdown with Bobby Flay, our favorite Food Network hottie challenged this Fish and Chip restaurant to a cod-off, but not even he could beat Great Britain’s best.

It’s definitely worth making the trek to this hole-in-the-wall spot on Greenwich Ave. for a good old-fashioned basket of fried fish and maybe even a signature “We Believe in Cod” T-shirt. If our beloved Bobby loves it, you can bet you will too.

#SpoonTip: Sharing is caring. Unless you’ve saved plenty of room, avoid the inevitable food baby and split the classic fried cod and chips (or at least the chips) with a friend. Trust us, this is some serious fish.

Sticky’s Finger Joint

3 Days To Open With Bobby Flay


Photo by Jaime Wilson

After their opening on an episode of 3 Days To Open With Bobby Flay in 2012, two newbies to the food industry took New York by storm with the first chain of restaurants dedicated entirely to chicken fingers.

With fingers, poppers, sandwiches, and 19 different homemade sauces, you can have your chicken just about any way you want. And make sure you try some of the signature sides like the parmesan truffle or s’more fries.

#SpoonTip: Definitely ask for the NYU student discount. It’s not advertised, but if you ask they’ll hook you up.

Molly’s Cupcakes

Cupcake Wars

Food Network

Photo by Jaime Wilson

This New York cupcake bakery was featured on Cupcake Wars everyone’s favorite baking battle. Not only did bakers from Molly’s Cupcakes compete on the show, but they took home the grand prize as the winners of the Classic Cupcake Challenge episode.

With ridiculous flavors like the Ron Bennington (a chocolate cupcake stuffed with creamy peanut butter and topped with chocolate frosting) and blueberry cheesecake, it’s impossible to go home with just one cupcake.