So you're visiting Maryland's Capitol. Sure, the historic sites, art district, and scenic downtown charm are all great, but we both know what you really came for... the ice cream. Amidst State Circle and the site of the annual Boat Show, you'll find 5 local ice cream shops competing for your cash. Before visiting, you're going to want the inside scoop (pun-intended) on the most drool-worthy ice cream shops in Annapolis.

5) Tutti Frutti

If you're indecisive at all times, this is the place for you. Tutti Frutti is set up like your average Fro-Yo shop: you can mix and match flavors to your heart's desire and add ALL the toppings. However, Tutti-Frutti's fro-yo shop status sets this topping wonderland back a few spots on the list

4) The Red Bean

The Red Bean has mastered the coffee and ice cream combo. Step in for classic latte or a customized cone (or both). However, The Red Bean isn't for the faint of decision-making heart. Customers choose between two original flavors--chocolate or vanilla--then select mix-ins to create a custom ice-cream. You can add in anything from Oreos to Old Bay. There's one caveat: the bill. More mix-ins equals more cash to throw, and as a mix-in loving, broke college student I simply can't fund that lifestyle.

3) Storm Bros.

Storm Bros. wins extra points for its ideal location. You can grab your cone and head right on out to the docks of downtown Annapolis. Step in for a scoop of their fan-favorite Moose Tracks, a dreamy malt, or a hand-packed pint of your favorite flavor.

2) Kilwin's

It's a well known fact that you can't walk past Kilwin's without craving a cone. Passers can smell the fudge and ice cream from down the block (and we're not mad about it). After you enjoy your scoop in a fresh-baked waffle cone, stop the candy bar for homemade fudge or hand-dipped chocolate pretzels to wash down your scoop (we know you want to). Plus, with two dairy-free sorbet options, Kilwin's is here for the vegans too. 

1.) Annapolis Ice Cream Company

Drum-roll please. Annapolis Ice Cream Company ranks in at #1 among the most drool-worthy ice cream shops in Annapolis. As an Annapolis native, I'll tell you: it doesn't get better than this. The scoops you'll find here are the most flavorful and creamy in all of the downtown area. The menu ranges from Strawberry Oreo to Brownie Batter to classic Cookie Dough, and each batch is made daily, right in Annapolis. The best part? Each customer can leave their mark by decorating a spoon to add to the shop's massive walls of spoon art.

(Added bonus: after 10 visits, they'll give you a free scoop. Now that's what I'm talking about).

So what are you waiting for? As spring approaches, ice cream season comes with it. A perfect excuse to try them all.