It's that time of year, the time in Spring when the flowers start to bloom and the April showers are no stranger. The weather is warming up – unless there happens to be a freak blizzard, which is the case where I live, where the Midwest weather is unpredictable.

Searching for some amazing sweets to satisfy that sweet tooth? Warm or cold, there is no better place for you to fulfill that craving than Kilwins. Whether it's your first time, or perhaps your millionth, here's a guide for what to order.

The Chocolate Choices

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Marialicia Garza

This is a common dilemma for all of us who walk in for the first time: deciding what to spend our hard-earned money on. The intoxicating scent of fudge chocolates fills your nostrils and you want to buy it all, as the sweet treats are endless. I highly recommend the chocolate-covered pretzels and the turtles. Sometimes, on top of those, I find myself walking out with a caramel apple, shame.

Picking the Perfect Ice Cream Flavor(s)

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Marialicia Garza

You're provided with what feels like a billion ice cream options and a large variety of flavors. It's always hard to make this choice – they're all legendary. You could go from super sweet to fruity in a heartbeat, and don't feel bad if you sit and stare at the ice cream cases for more than 5 minutes. I highly recommend the Sea Salt Caramel, Cake Batter, and signature Midwest Superman flavor.

Selecting the Container 

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Marialicia Garza

You can choose between sugar cones, cake comes, and waffles cones. These are actual fresh waffle cones, not just store-bought ones. How could you say no to that? Well...I personally say no to that because I'm guilty of never finishing my ice cream, so I opt for the cup. I know, I know, I'm lame. 

Shelves and Shelves of Candy

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Marialicia Garza

It's hard to resist not looking at all the chocolates, fudges, and candies they have in the shop. The displays are always carefully crafted just for their customers, especially when the seasonal treats are out. The cute Easter theme is going on now and everything looks extra adorable and extra mouth-watering, if that's even possible. 

The More, The Merrier

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Marialicia Garza

Let's face it: I'm guilty of a lot of things, especially hitting up Kilwins late at night, by myself. This is one of the best alternatives to going out. Grab a group of your friends, and instead of heading out to parties, go indulge yourself with sweet treats. The prices aren't too bad, I promise, so your wallet won't take much of a hit.

Now that you have a little more guidance, give yourself a break and go enjoy a treat at Kilwins (or make your own). I hope this guide improves your week(end) out. If you're more of a cafe-hopper, don't worry, there's a guide for that too!