Being a Chicago native and the number one fan of marshmallows (no, seriously, I've written essays for school about them), you can imagine I was more than thrilled when I heard a marshmallow cafe was coming to Chicago. Long story short, XO Marshmallow made all of my marshmallow dreams come true. 

The Store

Stepping into the store, it's hard not to take pictures of the cute, ultra-girly space. Complete with mint green chairs and hot pink steps, this place is heaven on earth for an avid Instagrammer. Little signs are scattered throughout the shop with adorable sayings like, "I love you s'more" and "all you need is love and a whole lot of marshmallows" (which is now my life motto). Let's just say the ambiance could not be any sweeter.

The Food

The menu consists of food and drinks that all star homemade marshmallows as their main ingredient. There are doughnut s'mores, marshmallow whoopie pies, a frozen s'mores drink, and much, much s'more (sorry, I couldn't help myself there). I ordered the "s'maco", which, as the name suggests, is a s'mores taco, and was quite pleased. You get to pick three different types of marshmallows for your s'maco  and even top off your s'maco at a DIY topping bar with anything from rainbow sprinkles and  chocolate chips, to butterscotch chips and cookie crumbles. Not only did it make a great Insta story, but also it was the perfect treat to satisfy my sweet tooth. 

If you are in Chicago this summer and are a marshmallow fan (or if you even just want a cute picture), stop by XO Marshmallow ASAP. And if you aren't going to be in Chicago anytime soon, they have an online store to satisfy your ooey, gooey marshmallow needs. And remember, dreams do come true (especially marshmallow ones).