These days, it seems like there’s a café for anything and everything: cats, cereal, even cookie dough. But the latest café slated to open this summer may just be the best yet — the first ever marshmallow café is headed to Chicago. With killer marshmallows and an even more killer (killer-er?) backstory, this place is sure to be a great addition to the Windy City's already poppin' food scene. 

Who’s Behind This Sugary Goodness?

Lindzi Shanks and Kathryn Connor are the geniuses behind XO Marshmallow, a company that makes creative, gourmet marshmallows. They got their start by creating a Kickstarter campaign to fund the store. These two ladies pride themselves on being a completely female-owned company, proving Beyoncé right once and for all that girls really do run the world. According to one Instagram post, they "work incredibly hard to lift each other up and empower and inspire one another" — you go girls!

What’s on the Menu?

A press statement promises offerings “from just marshmallows and mars'halos to s'mores, crispy treats, whoopie pies, toasted marshmallow lattes, to name a few.” The XO Marshmallow site already offers tasty flavors like bourbon, champagne, raspberry, and salted caramel. The site also offers gourmet, flavored hot chocolate.

How can I get a piece of the action? 

The café will be located in the Rogers Park neighborhood and serve as part espresso shop, part retail shop. Based on their Instagram page alone, this place is sure to become one of the most instagrammable places in Chicago. Not only that, but also it's definitely going to be the perfect place to catch up with an old high school friend and reminisce over a steaming cup of hot cocoa

Whether you’re a Chicago native or a lucky tourist, this cafe is the perfect spot to indulge your sweet tooth this summer.