If someone were to ask me what my favorite food is, I would instantly answer sushi. Anyone who knows me, knows that I am obsessed with this delicious and flavorful food. Back home, my family and I would go to our local restaurant at least once a week, and every time my friends and I were planning dinner, I would always recommend a new sushi spot. I even have a (tasteful) sushi phone case that I am obsessed with. Ok, so you get the point. I love sushi.

One day, I was scrolling through Instagram and I came across a life changing post. Someone posted a picture of what I thought was just a massive sushi roll. Upon further investigation as my eyes glossed the caption, I discovered the sushi burrito. Ok that was a bit dramatic, but seriously, it looked really good. Although I will never get tired of a good old sushi roll, you can probably imagine the excitement that I felt and my immediate need to try a sushi burrito.

So, after a quick google search of where to find the best sushi burrito in Boston, some friends and I decided to make the trek (via Uber) to Basho Express, a sushi burrito and sushi bowl restaurant in the city near Fenway Park. I got in line and scanned the various options to decide what to order in my custom burrito. Each burrito had an outer wrapping of sea weed with a layer of sticky rice on the inside. Although it was hard to narrow down the filling options, I ended up getting tuna, avocado, carrots, cucumber, and teriyaki sauce. The burrito took maybe 2 minutes to make and then I paid and sat down ready to dive in.

The first bite of my sushi burrito was better than I had imagined. I have high sushi standards, and this burrito certainly met them. The flavors were great, the food tasted fresh, and I was in heaven, especially after being limited to dining hall food for the past couple of weeks.

Anna Keefe

By the last few bites of my burrito, my hands were covered in sauce and my plate had rice and other fillings all over. Although it is much easier and a lot less messy to eat a sushi roll with chopsticks, getting a little messy is part of the sushi burrito experience. Compared to a normal sushi roll, the burrito tastes virtually the same, although you never know what you're going to get with each bite. Sometimes you might only get tuna or avocado and other times you might get every ingredient in the burrito, which adds a little excitement to the whole experience.

All in all, I had a great first sushi burrito and I would certainly recommend any sushi lover to go and try this fun variation on a normal sushi roll. It's a great way to expand your sushi horizons and try something a little bit different. Plus, you can never have too much sushi!!