We all know that Chipotle has had a rough year. With E. coli and Norovirus outbreaks plaguing their chains, they’d do anything to get their customers back on their good side. With their new summer loyalty program, they’re attempting, and one might even say succeeding, at doing just that. Introducing… Chiptopia.


Photo courtesy of Chipotle.com

Starting in July, all customers need to do is pick up a Chiptopia card and you’re in business. If you swipe it each time you go, you’ll start collecting rewards. Then you just need to go online and redeem your card and boom: free food.

The best part about this system is that it doesn’t take much to get free food. If you go and spend $6 four times a month, you get a free entree. I don’t know about you, but four burritos in a month is a normal month for me. So, if you’re like me and you get Chipotle wayyy more than 4 times a month, then you’ll love that they have different levels of the rewards program for more loyal customers.


GIF courtesy of tumblr.com

Just like their salsa, the program has a mild, medium, or hot level. If you go four times in a month, you’re mild and you get a free entree. Four more times and you’re a medium customer and you get another free entree. Three more times after that and hell yeah, one more free entree.

Another dope thing about this program is that your free entree counts as a meal towards your rewards. Most places with rewards programs simply make you start over when you earn your free stuff, but not Chipotle. They really are trying to win us back.


Photo by Becky Hughes

This program is limited to the summer and each month you start over. If you maintain your level all three months the program is running (July, August, and September), you’re eligible for more free stuff!

If you’re a “mild” member all three months, you get another free entree. If you’re medium, you get up to $20 in Chipotle merchandise. And the big bang: if you’re hot all three months, you win catering for 20 or burritos by the box for 20 depending on your location, AKA a $240 value. NBD.

Look Chipotle, after about a hundred of my classmates got sick from eating at your restaurant, I was a little wary about getting back together. Thanks to Chiptopia, though, you’ve got a friend in me.