While BC Dining has its ups and downs, at the end of the day we all have a soft spot for it. Or at least a soft spot for some of their food. With three months until the next BC meal, here are a few of the favorites it'll be tough to part with. 

Mac n' Cheese

macaroni, pasta, cheese, sauce, tortellini, spaghetti
Emily King

BC dining sure does do mac n' cheese right, and in a variety of ways. The Rat, which is famous for its mac n' cheese, will surely be the hardest to say goodbye to. But even the Eagles bowl mac n' cheese, lower mac n' cheese station, and Hillside's will be missed as well. Who doesn't love a good, cheesy, perfectly made bowl of mac? 

Steak n' Cheese

Amanda Shulman

At this point, BC knows what it's doing when it comes to cheesy food. Their famous Steak n' Cheeses are enough to turn anyone's day around. While the line may be long, it's certainly worth it when you bite into the cheesy, tasteful sub. Unless you're from Philly, I wish you the best of luck in your summer without Steak n' Cheese. 

New England Classic

Whatta classic. Originally from Vermont, this sandwich has made its way down to BC's Hillside Cafe and become a favorite. After having the cranberry bread with turkey, cheese, honey mustard, and apple slices, it's easy to see why. If you're in New England, I'm sure you'll be able to find a variation of it around, but it won't be the same. 

Chocolate Bar Iced Coffee

coffee, milk, chocolate, cream, milkshake
Colleen DeConcini

No matter how cold it is outside, the Chocolate Bar's iced coffee always hits the spot. Well, let's face it, iced coffee is good any day of the year. With these hot summer months ahead of us, I'll have to find another way to fill my iced coffee cravings. Even though the Chocolate Bar is just Peet's coffee,  it's still superior to all others. 


It was hard to narrow this one down to a specific food. For the days you're in the mood for some healthy eats, Addie's has it all. Their salads, paninis, and soups always hit the spots. However, the flatbreads, meatballs, and milkshakes are the more sought after choices. Who doesn't like a make your own pizza and meatballs so good you don't even have to go to the North End? Addie's— you will be missed. 

Late Night

chicken, meat, fish fingers, mozzarella, vegetable
Isabella Neuberg

I saved the best for last. I'm not quite sure what I'll do without late night this summer. Probably skip the late night snacking, but those mozza sticks were always there for me after a long night. I think that may have been the hardest goodbye. 

No worries, though, all of this will be back in the fall. Just another thing to look forward to when school picks up again.