Everyone at USC knows what "fryft" means- a free Lyft that will take you anywhere within a two mile radius of campus. Most people use it when they're too lazy to walk to The Row or when West 27th Apartments feel like millions of miles away. Everyone's been there, and the fact that USC provides this service for us sometimes feels like a gift sent straight from heaven. However, something that people rarely consider is how many great local restaurants are within the range of our beloved Fryft. To help you decide where to check out first, I've made a list of seven spots.

Trio House

Just a few steps off campus, Trio House is a Figueroa asian-comfort-food classic. Known for their Pad Thai and Pad See Ew, it is an affordable, quick, and delicious meal. The Pho will warm you up on a chilly day and leave you feeling satisfied. It is always filled with USC students, which makes for a fun and casual environment. 

pad thai, rice, peanut, sauce, chicken
Hannah Latour


Bacaro is a notorious spot for a big event, like a formal or a birthday party. Their Bacon Mac N' Cheese will have you scraping the bowl for every last bite. The open face Bacaro Burger? Unbelievable. Don't forget to order the Bacaro fries topped with garlic, lemon, smoked pepper sauce, and fried egg. If you're looking for a yummy meal in a beautiful, upscale setting, this is the place for you!


Ebaes is a delicious Asian Tapas restaurant with a fun and friendly atmosphere perfect for college students. Great for anything between a birthday dinner or a casual bite to eat with friends, it will undoubtedly satiate any sushi or ramen craving you have. Their rainbow roll, spicy tuna roll, and crab handroll are among their most popular menu items, and their ramen comes in a variety of delicious flavors. They even have a USC Trojan roll!

Jacks N Joe

Many students feel hard it's to find good breakfast places around campus, but fear no more! Jacks N Joe is the perfect "breakfast all day kinda place" as their motto says. Their three thin pancakes topped with fresh fruit, lemon butter, and sprinkled with powdered sugar are unsurprisingly a crowd favorite. They know how to attract a Trojan's interest, featuring a "Fight on!" Pancake with bacon! However, it can get really busy, so make sure you have some time to spare.

Study Hall

Study Hall is a staple of USC life just a few blocks behind the new USC Village, but it is often forgotten about. Their Fire Broccoli is unbelievable; the dish consists of large pieces of broccoli soaked in soy sauce, sherry vinegar and topped with chili flakes. Another notable item is their tasty, light-but-satisfying Chinese Chicken Salad. With a menu containing flatbreads, sandwiches, burgers and salads, you won't be able to decide what to order. I know I couldn't.

Dirt Dog

If you're looking for a big, filling meal, look no further. Their bacon-wrapped hot dog is so esteemed that they have enshrined it as "The Official Hot Dog of Los Angeles." Their Dirty Sides include Dirty Corn, garlic fries, #FilthyFries, and a whole lot more of these crazy dishes. If you're 21 or older, they have a great craft beer selection as well.

Manas Indian Cuisine

The cute, homey restaurant that is Manas Indian Cuisine lies right down Vermont. It's perfect for a date, dinner among friends, or to satisfy any comfort food craving. Their most popular dishes are the garlic naan, chicken tikka masala, and the mango lassi. If you're not in the mood to leave bed and Fryft, they offer free delivery for orders over $12.