When the average Los Angeleno is asked what he or she thinks is the one food LA is most famous for, the answer is almost always tacos. Seriously, we invented #TacoTuesday and the rest of the country just followed suit. It is ambitious for any other kind of food to even think it could take the place of our beloved taco in our hearts, but such an ambitious food exists and it's called Dirt Dog.

What is a Dirt Dog you ask? And why the hell will it likely kill the taco the way video killed the radio star (Google the song)?

In short, Dirt Dog is an epic hot dog.

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Jessi Jordan

I know what you're thinking. And as a girl born and raised in New York City, the city known for the best street dogs in the world, I can completely relate to your outrage. But understand, I do not say these things lightly. Think of a Dirt Dog as a combination of the most delicious New York City hot dog and the most amazing taco you have ever had in your life.

There, feel better?

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Jessi Jordan

Dirt Dog makes amazing Los Angeles Street food and takes it to a level you've never experienced before. Street-created recipes like Esquite, Elote (Mexican street corn) and Churros, are made with secret, locally sourced, high-quality ingredients and your food is cooked right in front of you, which all makes for an experience your palate will not easily forget.

I am serious AF when I tell you that a Dirt Dog hot dog is so delicious, you feel like eating it is a sexual experience. Even the vegetarian dogs cause multiple orgasms. Chef Robert who is primarily responsible for the epic deliciousness of Dirt Dog's food previously worked in the famous fine dining restaurant Broken Spanish.

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Jessi Jordan

While I agree, Dirt Dog is not the most appetizing name for a hot dog, its origins have roots in the heart of LA and you will grow to love the name.

In the early 90's, the owner Tim Cam found himself in Downtown Los Angeles most weekends and during the summer. His parents owned a business Downtown and he was forced to hang out there with little choices for food. 

One super hot summer day in front of his parent's store, there was a nice Hispanic lady selling hot dogs that were being cooked on a mobile flat grill made out of a shopping cart. He had never seen this before. The hot dogs were wrapped in bacon with toppings of grilled onions, bell peppers, red peppers and jalapenos with mayonnaise, mustard, and ketchup available to sauce it up.

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Jessi Jordan

His mom told him there was no freaking way she would let him try one considering there were cars continuously driving by and kicking up dirt into the lady's hot dog cart. But temptation set in and he and Simon (his brother) secretly purchased the bacon-wrapped hot dog and devoured it.

They thought they were utterly amazing and found themselves eating bacon-wrapped hot dogs the rest of that summer, much to their mother's dismay. Simon found it amusing and started calling them dirt dogs. 

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Jessi Jordan

Opening Dirt Dog LA has been Tim's dream since childhood and when he got old enough, he made that childhood dream a reality. It is the perfect place for a cheat day, to grab a local craft beer and hang out with your friends, or to recover from your Saturday night hangover.

I promise you Dirt Dog LA is going to be a destination spot. And with two locations in Las Vegas, one opening on the strip this month, you'll want to get your hot little hands on one every chance you get. You won't regret it.

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