I saw (ate) London, now I see (eat) France.

Ah, Paris.  The city of love and crêpes, eggs, pastries, butter, and croque madames.  Basically everything that is good and fattening in this world, is done here.  I knew Paris had to be a stop while studying in Italy, and I knew that I had to eat as much as I could while I was here.

I'm used to eating as much as I possibly can in a short amount of time: I did it in London for five days, I did it for Barcelona in less than two.  Three days in Paris?  Pièce de gâteau - translation, piece of cake.


Boulangerie Heurtier

croissant, sweet, jam, toast, bread, coffee
Alexandra Tringali

This breakfast, appropriately titled "le petit-dejeuner traditionnel" - which translates to "a traditional breakfast," is a carb-heavy meal, with baguettes (tartines) with butter and jam (beurre and confiture,) and croissants, along with a pain au chocolat, or a square croissant-like pastry filled with thick chocolate.  To drink I had a cafe american, while my dear foodie friends had chocolat chaud, which is a thicker, much more delicious version of hot chocolate.

Local Markets

sweet, sausage, bread
Alexandra Tringali

Take advantage off all of the local markets, fresh fruit vendors, and bakeries, and assemble your own breakfast in bed.  Many vendors have freshly squeezed orange juice, fresh bread, and other locally sourced goods.

Feria Cafe

pork, egg, polenta, bacon
Alexandra Tringali

Located just across the way from Boulangerie Heurtier, Feria Cafe offered another great petit-dejeuner option, with croissants, scrambled eggs, and bacon.  Definitely a delicious final breakfast.


Au Petit Suisse

salad, bacon, meat, prosciutto, ham
Alexandra Tringali

Salad Aveyronnaise!  Fresh lettuce with prosciutto, Roquefort cheese, pear, tomatoes, and walnuts, with a light dressing.  Was it the best salad I've ever had? Oui.


Café De La Paix

bacon, potato, soup
Alexandra Tringali

Café de la Paix is an extremely famous Paris restaurant, which first opened in the 1860s. Serving gourmet French cuisine, this was a must stop on my list of places. To start, I had one of their special dishes showcasing the tomato season, a tomato soup with olive oil ice cream, bread, and pecorino cheese.

Le Flandrin

Alexandra Tringali

Le Flandrin has been recommended to me by everyone who has ever been to Paris. And I can say it was one of the best meals I've ever had. I started with an octopus salad with tomatoes, and then had the steak au poivre – steak with butter and pepper.

ice cream, fig, sauce, chocolate
Alexandra Tringali



pastry, cream, macaron, meringue, chocolate, macaroon, cookie, cake, candy, sweet
Alexandra Tringali

That's right. The real Ladurée.  Tastes even better in Paris.  From left to right, we have vanilla, lemon, pistachio, sriracha, and raspberry.

Café de la Paix

cream, raspberry
Alexandra Tringali

Café de la Paix also featured some fabulous desserts, like this raspberry tart with shortbread muesli crust, and cream puffs and pastry with a Saint Honoré cream and strawberries. Heart eyes everywhere.

chocolate, cream
Alexandra Tringali

Boutique Pralus

pastry, cake, dough, cheese, pizza
Alexandra Tringali

I know this bread looks like it's not natural.  Someone told me it looks like it's from space...or a Mario Cart game.  It's called a praluline, and it's a sweet bread with rose sugar-covered almonds and hazelnuts...and it's one of the best things I've ever had in my life.

cake, pizza, pastry, meat, cheese, tomato, pie
Alexandra Tringali

Le Flandrin

goody, berry, pastry, dairy product, strawberry, candy, cake, chocolate, sweet, cream
Alexandra Tringali

I finished off my final dessert in Paris with the pavlova with red berries and whipped cream from Le Flandrin.  It was one of the best desserts I have ever had – it even looks like a dream!

Go to Paris, and eat everything.  I mean it!  (Carbs don't count when you're on vacation!)