London isn't known for its food – good food, at least. It's known for Big Ben, the Queen, Harry (both Styles and the Prince), and bangers and mash. If you've never heard of bangers and mash, don't look it up.

When I told people about my spring break plans to go on a food tour of London while visiting a friend studying abroad, I was met with apologetic glances and patronizing words: "LOL, good luck with that;" "Will bangers and mash make an appearance on your foodstagram?" and my favorite, "There's good food in London?" (from a friend who even grew up there). 

I made it my personal mission to find all of the tastiest eats throughout London, just to show everyone that yes, in fact, there is good food in London. My hunt began within two hours after my flight touched down, and yes, it was tasty. 

Camden Market

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Alexandra Tringali

I have to be honest, I was feeling pretty skeptical. (Pictured: Me, feeling skeptical.)

I've done a good amount of traveling in my lifetime, but I had never been to Europe before this trip. I am a true East Coast girl, a firm believer that no city will ever come close to New York City, or even Philly (I'm still convinced.)  However, as I browsed the various stalls of clothing, souvenirs, and of course, food in Camden, I began to feel my distrust of English eats beginning to dissipate. Handmade pasta spun in wheels of cheese, award-winning brownies, mini cupcakes, doughnuts, cereal? I felt like I was at Smorgasburg. I refused to drop my guard completely, that is, until I found The Patate.

This here is beef bourguignon, chili béarnaise sauce, and raclette cheese in between two buns. It's a burger, but not. It's a gourmet meal transformed into a fast food favorite, with levels of flavors that create a profile that is so unique, so incredible, I couldn't put it down. Other incredible eats from Camden Market include The Cheese Wheel's homemade pasta with a mushroom cream sauce, and the fluffiest little Dutch pancakes smothered in Nutella, from Perfect Poffertjes.

But if you're looking for curry... Roti King

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Alexandra Tringali

One thing you I was told I had to try in London was a good bowl of curry. And that I found at Roti King, a little divey hole-in-the-wall near Kings Cross (yes, the Kings Cross). Roti King's popularity has been spiking lately, since they serve "The Best Roti Canai in Town." My friend and I started with a plate of Char Kuey Teow, stir-fried flat noodles with eggs, prawns, and chicken. Next, we split a plate of two traditional pieces of Roti Canai with a side of chicken curry — the best curry I've ever had.

If you're looking for a quick breakfast... The Breakfast Club

Alexandra Tringali

Decked out in retro and eclectic gear, both The Breakfast Club's food and vibe was really gearing us up for a whirlwind of a day. We both ordered pancakes with berries, maple syrup, and a huge dollop of vanilla cream, with a side of thick bacon.

For some traditional fish and chips... Poppie's

There are many places for fish 'n chips in London, but not one of them compares to the infamous Poppie's. Just look at it! It's crispy, it's golden, it's delicious.

For a little something sweeter... Rinkoff Bakery

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Alexandra Tringali

In New York, we have the cronut. In London, they have the crodough. As I am the doughnut queen, I made it my personal mission to try these flaky pastries. The flavors? Nutella s'mores, double chocolate, pistachio, peanut butter & jelly, double raspberry, and Oreo cream cheese. Seriously, what more could you want?

For something boujier... Duck and Waffle

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Alexandra Tringali

Duck and Waffle is situated 40 stories above the ground, providing an incredible backdrop for their incredibly unique food. Spicy ox cheek donuts, n'duja seared octopus, burrata and marjoram ravioli, and of course crispy duck and waffles, are just a taste of what you can get at this 24-hour eatery. Easily one of the best meals I've had.

For proper English scones... Sweetheart Cupcakes

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Alexandra Tringali

A true English honey scone with sweet cream and jam. All I needed was a cup of tea and I could've been a true Brit.

For a quick bite... Store Street Cafe

Alexandra Tringali

There's nothing better than sidewalk-seating, fresh brewed coffee, and mushroom and avocado toast after a loooong night of club-hopping.

For true English tea... The Bloomsbury Hotel

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Alexandra Tringali

High tea is as boujie and intimidating as it sounds. However, tea at The Bloomsbury (with it's three levels of biscuits, sandwiches, and desserts) was worth it.

 Because you're a real tourist... Harrods (yes, the department store)

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Alexandra Tringali

Have you ever heard of a department store having a full-blown food hall, with butchery, chocolate room, and patisserie included? You have now.

If you're a college student... Nando's

Alexandra Tringali

Known for their Peri-peri chicken, I was told I wasn't allowed to leave London without having at least a grilled chicken sandwich. Nando's obviously didn't compare to all of the other high-end meals I had in London, but I was happy to humor everyone.

~ Bonus Round ~

My spring break didn't just end in London. It continued for two more days in Barcelona. So if you have a chance to take a side trip, check these places out. 

Tapas 24

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Alexandra Tringali

My first meal in Barca was, of course, tapas.  I first read about Tapas 24 in this article from Chef Marc Murphy and knew I had to get there.  Every little course I had was incredible, but the most notable dish was the McFoie Burger: a small beef burger with foie-gras, served with foie ganache.

Granja Petitbo

Alexandra Tringali

Like doughnuts, I scope out the best brunch spots, and I really found the best at Granja Petitbo.  Homemade juices, eggs benedict, chocolate covered pancakes with bananas, ricotta honey toast, pistachio white chocolate waffles, coulis and mascarpone-topped pancakes, and Nutella stuffed brioche seriously made this brunch one of the best.

El Mercat de la Boqueria

Alexandra Tringali

Basically, it's the Spanish Smorgasburg (or Camden Market...).

7 Portes

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Alexandra Tringali

This place is so famous for their paella, I sat on the same bench that both Yoko Ono and Robert De Niro sat on during their visits.

I'm sure you're practically drooling now. If so, I'm thinking you should hire me to be your food and travel agent, right? Well, either way, enjoy London and enjoy the food.