You must have come across thousands of waffles while scrolling down your Instafeed. If I said I loved waffles, that would be an understatement because I worship the holy waffle god, if there ever was one and there is. 

My Instagram is full of waffle pictures, particularly the gigantic stacks of these sweet blocks piled high with maple syrup, chocolate and ice cream. But most of these stacks weren't indigenous and it put me down quite a bit. 

But, LUCKILY, The Woodbox Cafe recently launched their own awesome stack called Freak Waffles. It's quite economical as compared to waffle places in Delhi because these places sell a plate of 1/4th of a waffle for 120 rupees (crazy!) while Freak Waffles with all the following ingredients (read on) costs Rs.360 only. It's perfect to split in a big group or have as dessert meal. I prefer the latter, just kidding, sharing is okay too if I have had a good plate of their nachos. 

I wanted to check the credibility of these freaky waffles for myself and paid them a visit. Here's a breakdown of all that goes into this giant waffle stack! 

 Four Mini Waffles Piled High

Devika -

That's four delicious waffle squares that are crunchy and later if you take time to eat because you are Instagramming like me, they soak in all the chocolate sauce and become even tastier. 

Brownie and Silver Sweet Balls

Devika -

However wrong that sounds, look at the stack of brownie, within the stack of waffles engulfed in whipped cream with silver balls shinning on it? I would eat the stack just for that. 

Topping Sauces and crumb

Devika -

The stack is doused with Nutella, chocolate sauce, whipped cream and cornflakes. Cornflakes might sound weird but it adds the crunch one need when the waffle gets soft because of the Nutella. 

#Spoontip: Ask for some extra chocolate sauce (they won't say no) so you can pour it on the stack if it get's a little dry cause you already licked all the Nutella away. 

The Crowning Jewel  

Devika -

That donut doused in Nutella is the only jewel I need to make me feel good. Besides the donut please pay attention to the oreo biscuits and the five-star chocolate, with extra Nutella and the chocolate pipe which makes the top of the Freak Waffles resemble a crown. 

And Finally... 

Devika -

We finish it off with ice cream and more Nutella! And that's the final picture of the Freak Waffles for you.

Go try it out so you can say you jumped right into the stack when the gigantic food trend hit Delhi. 

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